Comic Vine Review


Superman #39 - 24 Hours


Superman gained a new superpower last issue. Problem is, now he's temporarily powerless and refuses to stop being a hero.

The Good

Geoff Johns may be leaving the title but he's leaving his mark on Superman. We saw the birth of a new power, the Solar Flare. The problem with this huge release of energy, besides decimating everything within 100 yards, it leaves Superman powerless. Part of the result of this is with Clark revealing his identity to a certain friend, there's still the "Yeah, right" disbelief when he mentions he can't fly or anything. Seeing Clark get a paper cut is pretty great too.

Superman being powerless allows us to see what he's really made of. Superman is more than just about having superpowers. His heart and soul is what makes him stand out. You won't get a story where he goes up against a deadly powerhouse like Doomsday or Darkseid but we do get some super moments. Also, having Clark back at the Daily Planet and seeing both he and Lois run out after a story was fantastic.

John Romita Jr. continues to show he isn't just about drawing big action scenes. With the calmer nature of the story, we see more about the characters. This issue is more about the conversations going on and reactions to different situations. Romita nails those and makes the issue move at a fluid pace.

The Bad

There were some moments I struggled between thinking it was a little too tongue in cheek or just really great character building. At the end of the day, it's a great look at Superman and a fitting end for Johns' run.

The Verdict

We've seen Superman do some amazing feats but sometimes you need to step back and appreciate the little things. With Superman temporarily powerless, Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. get to remind us that Superman is more than just about a guy with amazing powers. With this slight exploration into who he is and what makes his so super, we also have some more on Superman revealing his identity plus some more Daily Planet action. After all the action and craziness in the last few issues, it's great to be able to catch our breaths and to be reminded how human this Kryptonian can be.