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Superman #14 - Multiplicity Part 1


Superman is about to face a new threat from outside the Multiverse.

One of the fascinating things about the DC Universe is the concept of a Multiverse. We've seen many different versions of characters, and it's always interesting to see the different takes on certain concepts. With Superman, we've seen a pretty wide variety. Now, some of the different versions are crashing together as a new threat has targeted them.

Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason are kicking off the New Year with a high-octane new story arc. With all the recent Multiversity titles, it's felt like they've been ignored lately. Tomasi and Gleason are bringing back some of the characters, including the Justice League Incarnate led by President Superman of Earth-23. If that wasn't enough, who would've thought we'd actually see Superman meet Red Son Superman?

Ivan Reis and Joe Prado do their usual magic in the art department. There's a great classic look to Superman and the look of the new threat is pretty fearsome. Marcelo Maiolo's colors gives the classic look a modern feel with the color palette he uses.

The classic feel to the story felt a little out of place with the previous issues. Superman now is a family man. He has a wife and son. Of course he is the type of hero to drop everything for those in need. Rushing off to deal with a threat involving beings able to go outside the Multiverse without letting Lois and Jon know could cause them to worry. It's possible there just wasn't time to stop and contact them. Kenan Kong also felt a little different, but that could just be the result of artistic interpretation.

Tomasi and Gleason are heating things up with a bigger threat than we've seen lately. Bringing in the concepts of Grant Morrison's Multiversity is an intriguing move. With Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Marcelo Maiolo, we're in for a treat with the arc. Too often the beginning of a new story ends up being a little slow with all the set up. That isn't the case here. The story hits the ground running. You won't want to miss out on this. This arc has the makings of a definite must-read for Superman fans.

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Posted By MattyDaveHalPeo

I hadn't picked a Superman issue up in months, but this one was on my radar as a Multiversity sequel. I picked up Batman for the first time in months too, since I ship Catwoman and Batman. I was pleased by both.

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Posted By SpitfirePanda

I'm gonna grab this if I can.

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Edited By Epyon007

In my mind, Superman has benefited the most from Rebirth! It's back to making the character fun!

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Posted By Druzzie

@epyon007 said:

In my mind, Superman has benefited the most from Rebirth! It's back to making the character fun!

He;s a dad now, as far away from fun as you can get.

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Posted By HolySerpent

I'm so glad there continuing multiversity

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Edited By laabitres

wow since rebirth no issue of the Superman comic has been bad, keep it up DC

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@druzzie: He makes being a dad look fun. The dude fights dinosaurs with his son!

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Posted By entropy_aegis


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Posted By tensor

Cannot wait to see this new villain

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Posted By Ready_4_Madness
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Posted By Thatlyn Yoaeg'ill'rymmin

Rebirth have made Superman really interesting!

And also: Red Son? GREAT, I love Russian Kal-L :)

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Posted By Carnivius

Was a fun read though couldn't help feeling this is Spider-Verse with Superman. Though if it's all as fun as this issue I'm all for it.

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Posted By RaunJisto

I went into this being completely unaware that the Justice League Incarnate would be in this, so when I saw them pop up right after Red Son Superman, I couldn't have been more surprised. It also made it all seem more familiar with Reis being the one on art, since he was also on the Multiversity. This issue ended too quickly for me because it was such a page turner.

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"Around here the only one making lists is Santa Clause"

Lol wut.

Other than that this issue made me smile.

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Posted By Yarva

@tensor said:

Cannot wait to see this new villain

Isn't it just going to be Dr. Manhattan?

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Posted By NukeA6

Please DC, use the Justice League Incarnate more. Give them a series much like the Exiles.

As for Superman, it just keeps making greatness.

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Posted By comicace3


Ohh shit I just realized what you were talking about.


He's not dead tho, so that's good.

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Posted By ShiZZmAhh

@druzzie said:
@epyon007 said:

In my mind, Superman has benefited the most from Rebirth! It's back to making the character fun!

He;s a dad now, as far away from fun as you can get.

Seriously. I haven't really been enjoying Rebirth Superman.

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Posted By Eto

Just read it. We got Red son, Kenan (eeh), Captain Carrot and Calvin Ellis. Hyppeeeeed

Can't wait for the next issue.

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Posted By Emerald_General_Jai

This is honestly thebest series that DC is putting out to me right now. They're making Superman a must read

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Wow, I just read the first six issues of this series. I've not enjoyed a Superman comic this much in a long time. Looking forward to getting caught up.

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@druzzie: He makes being a dad look fun. The dude fights dinosaurs with his son!

Still lame, and thats like Godzookie levels of corny too.

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Late to the party..but. With all the 5 stars CV gives out..this was only a 4? I think Superman is the best title on my pull list right now and this was one of the better issues.

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Posted By IraMency

I am just glad Superman is back.....Stay calm people. Maybe some crossover or bad-a** collaborations are needed to really get him hip and cool again. Where is Spider-man when you need him?

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Posted By arthurkerr

I have not picked up a comic in so long do to the fan stabbing in the back with horrible writing and no direction. All comics have taken up and else world feel and that is not good. You get to liking a comic and they cancel it or simply write the characters in such a way as to make you cringe. Case in point Superman./Wonder Women. I mean great couple would work all day and twice on Sunday yet they never really tried they gave it no effort what so ever. Time and time again this happens. What happened to Ronnie in firestorm and I am left wondering do they even try. The multiverse would have so many ways to a character and yet they all seam bland and like one focus from one point of view. I feel as if even the multiverse is not a multiverse at all just the same universe that is not in sync with itself.

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Posted By jelenabels21

I liked it