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Superman #1 - Son of Superman Part One


Superman is back, and he's bringing is family with him.

With DC Rebirth, we're getting the best of both worlds. We have the characters and world set up during the New 52, but we also have a return of some classic elements. Superman is the perfect example. This is essentially the Man of Steel we had before Flashpoint in 2011. Remember when Superman was married to Lois Lane? Imagine if that marriage was allowed to continue. Through the events of Convergence, Lois and Clark got to live their lives together and even had a son they named Jon.

With the creative team that deftly handled the father and son superhero dynamic in Batman and Robin, Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason are the perfect team to explore the father/son relationship here. We may have familiar characters with Superman and Lois, but they have also changed and evolved during their years hiding in the New 52 world with their son. Superman has decided to reclaim his mantle, and there is some adjusting that needs to be done. As if that wasn't enough, Jon has just discovered his father's secret and has to deal with the fact his superpowers are now developing.

There is definitely a lot of potential here. We have the classic Superman back yet, he's in a completely new situation because he's a father. We also get the chance to see a Superboy figure out who he is and how to control is developing abilities.

Gleason's art is a joy to see. When you see Jon looking at his father with admiration, you can't help but smile. Jon is definitely going through some things and you can feel the different emotions through Gleason's art. Gleason doesn't just draw the characters; he draws their emotions.

The unknown factor is how the story of the super-family adjusting to life will balance with the Adventures of Superman. We're already seeing Jon put in an unfortunate situation. Will we see typical dilemmas Superman's kid will have to go through? It's not really clear what kind of a book this will be. We have a juicy cliffhanger, but we'll have to wait and see where the book goes. Jon's new problem that arises in this issue could go in a few different directions. It could easily become a cliché situation, but it's more likely Tomasi has intriguing in mind.

We're entering a new chapter in the life of Superman. With the return of the classic (and married) Superman, we're seeing the Last Son of Krypton in a new light. Superman's has always had to juggle his personal life with his superhero antics, but now he has a wife and kid to worry about as well. Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason are the perfect pair to depict the life of a superpowered father and son. Since this isn't your typical Superman comic, it'll be interesting to see where the series goes. How much superhero antics will there be versus the depiction of a family life. Superman is back, but this isn't the Man of Steel you've seen before.