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Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1 - A Day In Someone Else's Life


Superior Spider-Man is a bit of a jerk (the opening page even says so). Things aren't going to go too well when he starts attacking other heroes in the Marvel Universe.

The Good

Doc Ock is in Spider-Man's body. That's old news by now. His arrogance makes him think he can be a better hero -- a better Spider-Man. With this thinking, Octavius has taken some extreme measures against his opponents, something that has aroused suspicion with the Avengers.

Chris Yost has been writing AVENGING SPIDER-MAN with this version of Spidey but once you start reading, you'll be wondering what the heck is going on (in a good way). Spider-Man is on probation with the Avengers but he is seen attacking several heroes around New York City.

So why does this have "team-up" in the title if he's attacking heroes? You'll have to read to find out. There is some teaming up involved.

David Lopez's art has a nice feel to it. Along with Rachelle Rosenberg's colors, the images almost pop off the page. There's a lot of different characters that appear and have cameos here so it's nice to see each with their true unique look, as they should have.

The Bad

I did feel a tiny bit confused for minor reasons. I guess I somehow totally missed Cloak and Dagger switching even though I dig those characters. Carol Danvers was flying around with no problem despite her brain lesion causing problems. I also didn't read this week's SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN yet and wasn't sure why he had a new costume.

It's not fully clear what separates this series from AVENGING SPIDER-MAN. I'm not sure why there was the need for a title change. With the way he's presenting himself, it's a little hard to see how this title can continue at this pace. And with such a drastic change in his personality, the Avengers' attitude or suspicions seem to have been downplayed before and here. For as intelligent as SpOck claims to be, you'd think he'd do a better job trying to act more like Spider-Man around others since he does have Peter's memories.

Not really crazy about the villain. Seeing him amped up at this level just feels wrong compared to how he used to be long ago.

The Verdict

Superior Spider-Man thinks he has all the answers. Doc Ock is doing all he can to solve things his way. This has made Spider-Man's allies suspicious but he's determined to continue to operate on his terms. Despite alienating everyone, the focus of this title will be on Spider-Man teaming up with others. It'll be interesting to see how long this can continue. David Lopez's art and Rachelle Rosenberg's colors gives the series a nice look. With Superior Spider-Man being such a loose canon, this series will keep readers on the edge of their seats as SpOck's secret is something he'll have to guard closely. That's what will make this series a fun ride.