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Superior Spider-Man #31 - Goblin Nation Conclusion


It's the series finale. Does that mean it's really the end of SUPERIOR Spider-Man?

The Good

Whether or like the idea or not, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN is coming to an end. We've known it was coming since soon we'll see the new AMAZING SPIDER-MAN relaunch. Last issue Doc Ock made his move to help this happen but of course we can't help but remain skeptical. As a final issue, this concludes the Goblin Nation story, answers a lot of questions, and sets up the next phase for the characters.

Peter Parker fans will rejoice in seeing the return of the original costume. It's all a little surreal, especially with how fast it feels this turn around has occurred. There's plenty of craziness involved and Spider-Man has to deal with that along with trying to pick up where SpOck left things for him. There is a nice big feel to the story as we see Spidey go from scene to scene, trying to sort through the Goblin's attack. The run ins he has with others is cool. What will happen with Spider-Man 2099? The Avengers? Mary Jane? All this and more are answered here.

Dan Slott throws some curve balls our way. The story with the Goblin may be over but it does open some interesting doors. With Peter Parker back, he'll also have his hands full trying to sort everything out. If that wasn't enough, there's also a fourteen-page back-up by Christos Gage dealing more with the fallout from the events in this final issue. Again, it's a great way to sort through the craziness we've seen as well as help set the stage for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

Giuseppe Camuncoli delivers the art in the main story. He has a lot of ground to cover and he adds to the big scope feeling of the story. He captures the look of New York City in the chaos of the attacks and gives plenty of detail to the rubble from each battle.

Note: You also get Dan Slott and Mike Allred's SILVER SURFER story from the ALL-NEW MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE issue.

The Bad

It's funny because there will be those saddened by the shift back to Peter Parker. There is the feeling that it all happens rather quickly. You could argue that it's taken 30 issues but in the last issue, the battle between Peter and Otto happened so quickly. Peter does get the chance to talk to a couple friends and associates. They're well aware of what the life of a superhero is but the conversations were really short and they were more than willing to quickly accept the explanation.

While I do dig Camuncoli's art, some characters, such as Aunt May or Mary Jane, looked a little off compared to recent depictions here.

The Verdict

Sadly, this marks the end of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN. Many may have been waiting for the return of Peter Parker but there is a feeling we could have seen some more SpOck stories to be told. Dan Slott and Christos Gage do a great job in wrapping up the storyline but at times it felt a little too sudden. SpOck will be missed but, of course, we will be celebrating the return of the AMAZING Spider-Man as well. Goblin Nation reaches a satisfying conclusion and there will be repercussions to be dealt with. You owe it to yourself to check out how SUPERIOR Spider-Man's story ends.