Comic Vine Review


Superior Spider-Man #29 - Goblin Nation Part 3 of 5


Norman Osborn keeps outsmarting Spider-Man at every turn!

The Good

What makes this issue a real fun read is the fabulous art from Giuseppe Camuncoli, the inks of Jhn Dell, and the colors of Antonio Fabela. This book easily had my "favorite page of the week," which isn't a real thing, but for the sake of this review, I'm going to roll with it. A few pages in, we're treated to a beautiful, two-page spread featuring a dramatic looking Green Goblin head, locating in space. To the left of his head are five panels of buildings and places, and to the right, are those same places blowing up.It's a wonderful piece of art worthy to hang on anyone's wall. There's a ton of non-traditional page layouts which keep this issue really fresh and fun, but Camuncoli doesn't overdo it. It's a perfect balance to keep the reader invested.

Well, in this issue, you learn that Norman Osborn is the Green Goblin. There's a few people thinking "we knew a while ago!" However, writers Dan Slott and Christos Gage really keeps the reader on their toes with the twists and turns in his book. It's gotten to the point where I'm extremely skeptical of almost everything here, and while we may find out that Osborn isn't the Green Goblin at the end of it all, this issue really cements the fact Osborn is in that suit.

If you like stories with villains trying desperately one-up each other, then this is the issue for you! There's a lot of great back and forth play between Spider-Man and Green Goblin here and it really keeps the reader on their toes as they skim through the pages.

The issue is a bit of fun and it is great seeing Spider-Man 2099 back into the mix as well. Folks who grew up during the 90s era of "everything must be in the future!" will really appreciate this as well.

The Bad

As a whole, the book comes off as a bit chaotic because while the focus is mainly on Spider-Man, it also bounces around to secondary characters. The issue, as a whole, can be a bit tough because there is s much going on.

The other small problem with the issue is that I'm personally back and forth with this storyline. With some issues, I'm right on board, but others, like this one, I feel a bit jaded like the issue just isn't doing it for me. It simple doesn't live up to awesomeness that is the overall story.

The Verdict

While the third part of Goblin Nation didn't blow me away, it was still a very fun read. The art is dynamite throughout and the back and forth between Spidey and Goblin kept this particular issue in the fun zone. On the down side of things, the book gets a tad chaotic with everything going on and the individual issue isn't living up to the whole story. However, I still really recommend SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN.