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Superior Spider-Man #26 - The Goblin War


It's Goblin vs Goblin and the fight is about to get brutal. At the same time, the Avengers confront SUPERIOR Spider-Man as the story continues to unfold.

The Good

Dan Slott is barely giving the characters in this book (and readers) a chance to catch their breath after the events in (the over-sized) last issue.

For the past few months, we've seen the Green Goblin slowly taking control over the organized crime in New York, something that is getting in the way of Hobgoblin's plans. This leads to the confrontation we've been waiting for, the original Green Goblin vs the original Hobgoblin. But is it really? It does seem odd that we haven't actually seen Norman Osborn since he disappeared from the hospital and we can only assume it's him under the mask. Slott does address this doubt in the midst of the battle. If you're a fan of either Goblin, you'll want to see how this fight plays out.

Some new developments have occurred with SUPERIOR Spider-Man and the Avengers. They continue to be suspicious over his recent changes in behavior. They've confronted him last issue but there are still some questions to be answered. While this is going on, there's that one other development that happened in issue #25 that made fans stand up and cheer. You can tell that Slott gets who Spider-Man is. Spidey's always been one to face the most incredible odds and would somehow manage to overcome it all. There has to be a limit at some point and you can't help but feel the suspense as we wait for the next chapter to unfold.

With the issue basically containing three different battles, the art is divided between Humberto Ramos, Javier Rodriguez and Marcos Martin. There's a lot of cool scenes we get to see from each artist. Normally I'm not a fan of multiple artists on the same issue but with the way it's divided, it's not the typical jarring effect we sometimes get.

The Bad

I can accept if multiple artists were required for this issue to keep up with the schedule. There are some slight similarities between Rodriguez and Martin but Ramos' art has a separate feel. Despite being a fan of the art, some of the Avengers, like Cap and Black Widow, looked a little off. As the team members were basically standing around in the confrontation with Spider-Man, they also felt a little stiff. The different art also really makes this feel like we're reading three different stories mixed together in one issue as it jumps from artist to artist.

The Verdict

Dan Slott continues to keep the fuse burning as the events in the series are ready to explode. Slott keeps throwing curveballs and twists at us as the action jumps all over the pages. You can feel it all building and that feeling of not knowing what might happen as you turn the page is a thrilling experience. We get the art from three different amazing artists. Despite the usual distractions as the art suddenly shifts with each artist, we get some cool scenes and you can try to overlook the differences. Dan Slott makes sure you never know what's coming next. That's just one thing that makes SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN so much fun issue after issue.