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Superior Spider-Man #20 - Spidey Still Standing


Dan Slott continues to weave more story threads and

The Good

After the craziness of last couple issues and the fate of the entire timestream at risk, it's nice to get a moment to catch our breath. But that doesn't mean Dan Slott is going to let up on the story.

Starting off with a flashback to that fateful moment in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700, you'll practically scream at your comic, "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?" as you hang onto each moment in each panel. If there's one thing that Slott has proven, he knows how to set something up and let it simmer in the background for as long as he feels is necessary. It's easy to see that everything he does is done for a reason.

Apart from this flashback and potential story build up, there is the confrontation between SpOck and Black Cat. When the cover was revealed, this was a moment many have either looked forward to or feared. Along with this, Slott is also moving things forward for Peter Parker's personal life after the events with Horizon Labs in the previous arc as well as Carlie Cooper's investigation.

Giuseppe Camuncoli steps in nicely with the art, capturing the feel and look of the characters.

The Bad

While the action does settle down a little and even though there is some build up for future storylines, it almost feels like an abrupt stop. It might not be fair to judge this issue based on that but of course comic readers are a fickle bunch. What happens here is important to the overall story of SpOck but it feels like a series of separate events.

Camuncoli does a nice job with Spider-Man, Black Cat, etc but there are moments when Peter (unmasked) or Mary Jane looked a little off.

The Verdict

Dan Slott is continuing to plant and harvest seeds in Doc Ock's reign as Spider-Man. The action (from the previous arc) slows down a bit but there is a lot being set up to drive the series forward. Slott proves that you should never take any moment for granted. There's no telling what he has planned or what tiny detail will later come into play in a big way. Giuseppe Camuncoli does a good job with the art but there are some moments that cause tiny distractions. And if you thought Slott was making things too easy for SpOck, wait until you see the development at the end. You never know what Slott will cook up next.