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Superior Spider-Man #17 - Let's Do the Time Warp Again


Could it really be Spider-Man 2099? What possible reason could he have to be around in today's comics and how did he get there? Get ready for a crazy ride.

The Good

The 90s were an interesting time in comics. There were some interesting things that happened as well as some pretty bad things. One thing that a lot of still have found memories of is Spider-Man 2099. Dan Slott jokingly teased his reappearance before this series began and now he stays true to his word. Spider-Man 2099 is back.

Of course I can't go into the specifics. Is he really back? Is this the Spider-Man 2099 you love and remember? Maybe it is. If you've seen the preview for the issue, you know we do get to journey to the year 2099. That may reassure some fans that we won't simply get a fake out, like we've seen recently.

The big question is, does Spider-Man 2099's appearance here work? The answer is yes. It absolutely does. If you really think about it, you may already know how it could work. Dan Slott is one to take the tiniest seed from a past issue and coax it to sprout into something magnificent. There's also another easy way (from outside this comic) for it all to work. It's great when all the pieces line up nicely.

There is also a lot more than just Spider-Man 2099. Dan Slott turns the attention to Peter's coworkers at Horizon Labs once again. It's a great cast of characters and it's fun to see them return, especially in the situation here. There's more continued developments that Slott has been weaving with a certain character and I can't believe I never saw a certain connection before.

Ryan Stegman returns in full force. There were times the 2099 universe looked a little hokey but he makes it, and Spidey 2099, look really really good. Whether it's big crazy action in the future or new developments with Horizon Labs, Stegman's range is brilliant. The comic jumps from scene to scene and it all flows perfectly. Edgar Delgado's art highly complements Stegman's art adding layers and enhancing the mood in the scenes. This comic looks so good it's like a wake up slap in the face.

The Bad

I tried to not have any preconceived notions as to what to expect with the possibility of the return of Miguel O'Hara. This issue was a complete joy to read.

The Verdict

There's so much fun and excitement here. The recent issue have been great but it's like suddenly this issue got super-charged. The idea of Spider-Man 2099 possibly meeting with SUPERIOR Spider-Man is bonkers but leave it to Dan Slott to make it work wonderfully. Everything makes sense and adds up nicely. We see plenty of repercussions from previous story threads and wait until you see the new developments. Ryan Stegman and Edgar Delgado enhance Slott's story in a great way. The art is just so solid it practically knocks you out of your seat. Dan Slott continues to rev things up in ways you never thought possible. It's great when reading a comic can be so much fun.