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Superior Spider-Man #10 - Independence Day


Last issues added a new development for the "Superior" Spider-Man. This issue we start to see some of the consequences. Plus, Spidey will soon be facing a foe he might not be ready for.

The Good

Just when you think you know what Dan Slott is up to, he shakes things up. We've seen the growing struggle between the 'essence' of Peter Parker and Doc Ock taking place within Spider-Man's body. Peter had been getting closer and closer to gaining control. It now appears that the struggle has ended with the Superior Spider-Man the reigning champion.

Octavius continues to show how he feels he can be a better Spider-Man. There are things he's doing more efficiently but it's clear his arrogance will get the better of him. His new take on crimefighting, with a more violent nature, is starting to make some people suspicious. This all can be seen as a big science experiment. You would always hear those that craved a more violent Spider-Man and that is what we're getting. This may not be our Spider-Man but Dan Slott is taking the idea further and further. People have to understand there will be an inevitable downfall. Some of that is becoming apparent in this issue as well. There is just that feeling of not being sure what or when the next crazy event will take place.

There is also the fact that Slott is finally coming back to the Norman Osborn plot thread seen in the issues before the big battle between Spidey and Ock took place. No one has seemed to really notice Osborn's disappearance at the hospital and seeing the what happens here is raising the excitement level.

Ryan Stegman continues to do a superb job on the art. This issue isn't heavy on the action but there is plenty to see. Even just looking at the detail in the backgrounds is nice. When Spidey is in action, it is a little hard to look at due to his more violent approach but Stegman makes it all look so dang good.

The Bad

There's a tiny feeling that issue is just building up what's coming up next. That's not a bad thing but you can't help but want immediate action.

We are seeing more people notice Spider-Man's change in behavior. Except Otto doesn't seem concerned about this. Is it his arrogance taking over or is he just oblivious that changing Spider-Man's M.O. would arouse suspicion?

The Verdict

Otto Octavius may have won his recent battle against 'Peter Parker' but it looks like there's some big trouble brewing. Dan Slott continues to develop the direction Otto is taking Spider-Man and as hard as it is to think about, you can't help but want to see how it's all going to play out. You can see that Otto's arrogance will get the better of him. There's no way the battle with Peter is over. Ryan Stegman makes it all look so good. You'll find yourself pausing to look at everything in the panels. With the return of a certain Spider-Man threat, it's going to be great to see how prepared Otto will be. This may not be the Spider-Man you grew up with but, man oh man, there's just no telling what Slott is going to do next. That's what makes it all so interesting.