Comic Vine Review


Superior Iron Man #1 - Chapter 1: Nightmare Scenario


Something has happened to Tony Stark and he has decided to change the world…on his own terms.

The Good

Tony Stark can be a complex character. As a hero, he’s often portrayed as arrogant and full of bluster. This is a guy that has lived a life of privilege and happens to be extremely intelligent as well. He has a lot to brag about and has managed to do a lot of good as a hero and an Avenger. But all that is changing.

As a result of the events in AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS, Tony Stark is under a spell of sorts. He has been inverted in some ways. Making a move to San Francisco, Stark decided to unleash the Extremis app on the city. The app was automatically downloaded onto everyone’s phone and promised to change everyone into their ideal selves. This doesn’t sound too bad, right? Of course everything has a catch. Tony made this decision recklessly without apparently considering the consequences. To add to this, he’s started drinking once again.

Tom Taylor is giving us a more arrogant and impulsive Tony Stark. Tony is now indulging in other things while operated Iron Man remotely on missions he feels are beneath him as well as pushing the Extremis app. This is one of those cases where seeing a changed character is like watching a fascinating science experiment. Pepper Potts pays him a visit to try to figure out what is going on with him and provides an anchor to who Tony Stark is supposed to be. Throw in Daredevil and things are going to get messy and fun for readers.

I'm really excited about seeing more of Yildiray Cinar's art here. Along with Guru-eFX's colors, we get a new Iron Man suit that looks great for this big change in Tony's personality. They convey the disturbing nature to what's going on and you'll want to see more.

The Bad

Obviously this isn't the Iron Man we grew up with. Has Tony turned completely evil? Not really. He is drinking now and making some questionable business decisions. That could be a deterrent for hardcore Iron Man fans. For me, it does provide for a change of pace and makes an interesting story twist. Do I want Tony to go down this road? No. But I am for sure going to enjoy it while it lasts, which hopefully won't be too long.

This issue does have the task to set up the new direction. Those not reading Axis do get a brief recap on the first page but they still might be a little confused.

The Verdict

Heroes going down dark paths isn't anything new. Tom Taylor does have a knack for bringing out the worst in some of our greatest heroes. With Tony Stark drinking again and unleashing the Extremis app upon San Francisco, this is a title to keep an eye on. Yildiray Cinar's art is great in depicting the changes going on and gives us a nice new look for Iron Man. We have to assume this darker Iron Man won't be around forever so we should just sit back, relax, and enjoy the jerky things Tony has planned. SUPERIOR IRON MAN will definitely keep readers on their toes. We're off to a great start.