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The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #6 - Foe-ning It In...


Boomerang goes on a date and his allies are in deep trouble after stealing from Owl. Plus, the story behind Doctor Doom's portrait is revealed!

The Good

A hungover Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four boxers. A Star Wars reference at just the right time. An armored character awkwardly trying to fit through a window because he wants to make a cool exit. That's just a small sample of the hilarity Nick Spencer has in store for you with the latest issue of SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN.

I get some of you aren't pleased with these characters being handled as jokes, and if that's the case, this book clearly isn't for you. Does Boomerang have the skill to dodge a punch he could see coming a mile away? Yes, he does. The dude has had ease dealing with numerous gunmen before. But at this point, there's no reason why you should expect to see these characters being treated as badasses and living up to their combat potential. It's instead taking a humorous approach to who they are and, in that regard, it's absolutely succeeding and then some. I love me some proper character stats and abilities, but in the context of this book, it works for the narrative and boosts the incredibly fun vibe.

Speaking of fun, there's an overdose of it in this issue. Every scene hits us with something downright hysterical and never loosens its grip on your focus. Boomerang's personality during his date, the gut-busting and creative story behind the painting, and even the looming threat of amputation drops a priceless line -- it all had me laughing like a goof.

As always, Steve Lieber and Rachelle Rosenberg create pages which are a perfect fit for Spencer's script. Not only do they capture all of the levity with the lovable expressions, but so much imagination goes into presenting the scenes (most notable with the Doctor Doom story). It's a more cartoonish atmosphere and it's 100% fitting.

The Bad

Honestly, this issue was a delight. The background vanishes occasionally and, I won't lie, I wish Shocker played a role here, but it's hardly a big deal.

Tombstone was seemingly killed off over in Gambit's book, but honestly, I'd much rather see the guy alive.

The Verdict

If you're loving Fraction's HAWKEYE, there's literally no good reason why you shouldn't be reading Spencer's SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN. There's a tidal wave of great laughs in this issue and there's a big surprise thrown in there, too. I know the word "fun" has already been used twice in this review, but ultimately, the best way to describe this book is pure fun. Seriously, don't skip on this one -- it's a real blast.