Comic Vine Review


Superior #5


What happens when you make a deal with a monkey dressed as an astronaut? Superior has the power to do it all but how long can the dream last? Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu prepare to take Superior to the next level.

Young Simon Pooni developed multiple sclerosis until the night a monkey in an astronaut suit granted him his wish of becoming the movie superhero Superior. He's about to face his ultimate enemy thanks to that same monkey.

The Good

Most people, at one point or another, have wished to have superpowers. Simon Pooni was granted that wish and has been using his powers to do everything he believes he should. It's an idea we have seen before but in the typical Mark Millar fashion, there is a sense of realism added that you don't see or feel in regular comics. It is a mature comic but that doesn't mean it's full of over the top sex or violence. We're seeing the life of a superhero lived through the mind of a child.

Last issue after Superior dealt with a neighborhood bully, a new development showed that Superior's new life is going to change. The same monkey offered to grant the bully powers as well, revealing who his true master was. What will happen the next time Superior faces the monkey (whose name is Ormon, by the way).

Leinil Yu's art is breath-taking. Superior travels to many places and the comic is full of scenes taking place all over the place. Even the non-action scenes are a treat to see. Yu gives the right touch when capturing facial expressions and gives the comic a feel that also separates it from a regular superhero comic.

The Bad

It's hard to figure out where this is going to go. We've passed the halfway point in this seven-issue mini-series and we're about to take a turn. The story with Maddie Knox, the reporter, almost feels unnecessary. It gives a twist on the Superman/Lois Lane relationship and maybe it's going to go somewhere but I didn't see the need in this issue.

After last issue's cliffhanger, it felt as if we were sort of left hanging a little. We will see more on that next issue so it's just a matter of waiting one more issue.

The Verdict

Leave it to Mark Millar to take the idea of a child being granted the powers of a superhero to a different level. Millar is taking the dream-fulfillment idea cranking up the volume. As we past the halfway point in this miniseries, it appears as if the story might be going in a different direction. Leinil Yu's art is a treat to see. Each scene he draws shows his ability to capture action scenes, along with different environments and even scenes with no action. Superior is about to face multiple threats and how he'll survive to the end of the miniseries remains to be seen. Despite having a mature rating, Millar doesn't use that as a license to take the comic to extreme levels. There are some moments the comic could tread into questionable territory but Millar treats it just right. Superior is going to new places and each issue offers surprises you won't see coming.