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Supergirl #3 - Memento


Supergirl has stumbled onto Earth, but will she come to terms with her new planet, or will she embark on a search for Krypton?

The Good

There is so much that is good in this issue! The third issue of SUPERGIRL opens up with Kara talking to Clark, who is trying to help her come to terms with both her powers as well as the fact that she crash landed on an alien planet and has lost her ship. I love the dialogue in this opening scene. The writers really captured Superman's compassion through his dialogue but they leave it open ended. They leave you with the impression that Clark will let her find her own way -- to a certain extent; but that he will also do his utmost to help her. It's a great scene.

This issue introduces us to a brand new villain: Simon Tycho, a trillionaire who has so much money and power that he hangs out on his very own satellite orbiting the Earth. At first I admit, I thought to myself, "great another evil trillionaire adversary. First Luthor, now this guy," but the character really won me over. He's interesting and manipulative and you get that from the dialogue. The writers have yet to reveal what his motives are, although I wouldn't rule out world domination...eventually. Tycho clearly likes power, so it's no wonder that he would be drawn to Kara and her powers.

We've all read this story before: powerful/rich dude finds alien, lures alien to rich dude's base to run tests, realizes what alien powers and weaknesses are and tries to capitalize on them. That's fine, you can have a premise that's already been used in the past; it's what you do with that premise and how you tell that story that matters; and what the creative team is doing in this issue and so far in this series is very interesting and a ton of fun.

The Bad

Theres a certain level of predictability in this issue, but it really doesn't matter. Overall, a really solid, fun, gorgeous book.

The Verdict

Everything from the writing to the pencils and the colors is fantastic. This issue is beautifully executed. The pacing is perfect, the dialogue is interesting and will suck you in. Even though it's a story we have seen before, it's still a ton of fun to see how this particular creative team executes the tale. If you're looking for a straight up super-powered superhero story, this is definitely a book you will want to pick up. Start from the first issue, its been a fantastic series so far.