Comic Vine Review


Supergirl #17 - Girl vs. Goddess


Supergirl faces Wonder Woman in the latest issue of her ongoing series.

The Good

One of the things I have been enjoying about this series has bee writer Mike Johnson's grasp on Supergirl and who she is. This issue exemplifies the fact that Kara is a reckless, young, broken woman who is passionate about one goal: to bring back her home planet. I think Johnson captures that really well in this issue in the way that Kara's actions are so reckless. She is hard-headed and stubborn and she refuses to listen to reason, I think that's important. It also makes sense that Kara would be acting and feeling in this way since she has lost absolutely everything. Johnson has Kara's character down really, really well there is no question about that.

There were a few good segue's where we get to see exactly what is happening outside of Supergirl's battle with Wonder Woman. We catch a glimpse at the "bigger picture," and although it would have been nice to see more of that, it was still good that some of those moments broke up the fight between Supergirl and Diana.

The Bad

I know that this is not a Wonder Woman comic, but the way she was written even on the very first page of the issue is so out of character that it feels really jarring. In most cases something like this really wouldn't matter since this title isn't hers, but I think it's important here because of the role Wonder Woman plays to the plot as a whole. Here she proposes a counter argument to Kara where she explains that Krypton is gone and "nothing can bring it back."

The symbol on H'el's chest is something that is alluded to in this issue but not really explored. It is something Kara notices very briefly and addresses quickly before she seemingly changes her mind out of the blue. This is what was strange: she had been holding on to her convictions throughout the last three issues of her series and then all of a sudden she flips a switch and changes her mind. I almost felt like she should have been asking a series of questions instead. What does the symbol on his chest mean? Did you lie to me? She should have explored the moment in more detail but she didn't, it just sort of happens that she changes her mind.

We also get this short moment with Lois Lane and Jimmy at the Daily Planet where they relive the same moment twice. It is unclear why the destruction of the sun would cause these characters to relive these moments, to be honest, and it would have been nice to see that explored further.

The Verdict

The bulk of this issue was mostly a fight between Diana and Kara, which is fine, but there should have been a bit more conversation and dialogue between the two characters where Diana would explain what exactly is going on and why helping H'el is a big no-no. At it's core, there were some interesting moments in this issue but in the end it did not make a whole lot of sense. It's difficult to determine exactly how Kara was able to come to her sense so quickly. The fight between she and Wonder Woman could have had a little bit more substance, too.

In the end this issue was not the best, but it was not so bad either. I think the writer depicted Kara very appropriately. It makes sense that she is uneasy and a little bit reckless in some scenes. The art in the issue was also very good and the layout of the panels (particularly the action scenes) were really well executed. This is not really the best place to pick up the story. If you have been following the 'H'el On Earth' story arc then you might enjoy it, but I personally felt this to be one of the series' weaker issues.