Comic Vine Review


Supergirl #16 - Fast and Faster


Supergirl and The Flash butt heads in the latest issue of her self-titled series.

The Good

This issue takes readers all over the place, and I mean literally all over the place, I felt that was a lot of fun. In this issue we see the Flash and Supergirl fighting all sorts of bizarre animals and creatures from different galaxies as well as fighting one another. Readers get a better idea of just how vast the Fortress of Solitude really is and it was nice to see writer Mike Johnson get creative with what exists there. It's not just a big room, it's a door to a bunch of different realms.

If you are looking for an action-packed issue, you will definitely be entertained. The majority of what we see here is an all-out brawl between the Flash and Supergirl. The issue has a lot of action and it demonstrated how strong both Supergirl and the Flash both are. It was certainly a well written fight scene broken up by dialogue that was pretty interesting, which was good to see.

I think it was a good idea to have the Flash, who is essentially a somewhat disconnected character to be the one to try to shed some light on the situation for Supergirl, and the way it's written is mid-fight which makes for a rather entertaining scene.

The Bad

The scene where the Flash is explaining how to use an alien weapon against Kara that he found in Superman's armory is kind of strange, it's written in a very elementary way as if everything is being explained to the reader. That scene doesn't last very long, and I think it would have been interesting to see.

The scene between Supergirl and H'el felt rather unnecessary if you've been reading all the books in this crossover, but perhaps it was important to be featured here in this issue. To me, it felt like it dragged a bit.

The biggest flaw in this book is that it doesn't quite move the story forward very far, at least not until the final two pages. After reading this issue you might ask yourself what actually happened, and you'll realize that it wasn't much. As far as pushing the story forward and influencing the story and the overall story arc, this issue felt rather unnecessary. Even though it was nice to see the interaction between Supergirl and another character (the Flash), most of what we saw in this issue didn't feel essential to the overall story and it didn't seem to develop the character anymore than she already is.

The Verdict

I can't say I loved the art in this book, but it was better than the art in SUPERBOY. I think that there are some scenes that are fun, like the moment shared by Supergirl and Krypto. Much of the dialogue in this issue is good too and we get to see some interesting conversation exchanged between Supergirl and the Flash. Overall, however, the issue seemed unnecessary. Nothing really happens in this issue that is essential to the overall plot.