Comic Vine Review


Supergirl #13 - Sanctuary


Supergirl has the chance to find out about the day she left Krypton. The question is, will she be able to handle the truth?

The Good

Let's start off with the art. It's always a bummer when you hear a book's regular artist is taking an issue off. Mahmud Asrar's style has really grown on me in this series. But when I found out Sami Basri was the guest artist, it made it a sweet piece of news. Basri's style fits nicely with Supergirl. We get to see several different expressions on her face as she deals with different revelations. It's always a good testament to an artist's ability when you can clearly read the emotions without having to read the text on the page.

The story picks up from August's issue #12. Supergirl is faced against the newly transformed Simon Tycho. He was an unlikeable character in the beginning and he continues to be so. With his transformation, he proves to be more of a problem for Supergirl. He may not be the ideal nemesis I'd want to see but it's also great to see Kara have a villain of her own, even if he bears some similarities to a certain Superman villain. Or at least he used to.

The idea of Supergirl getting answers is interesting. There is something about having a sense of mystery but at the same time, having it drag on too long could be tiresome. With the revelations, Mike Johnson is making Kara feel a little more human. The ending was a great lead in to the upcoming Superman crossover, "H'el on Earth."

The Bad

I still don't like Simon Tycho. That may be the goal but he comes across as more annoying than menacing. His transformation is interesting but also looks a little goofy. I'm not sure which appearance was harder to take more seriously.

The idea of Supergirl having her own Fortress of Solitude is great. Hopefully she'll find time to decorate it a bit. It came across as pretty plain. I would think there'd at least be a more crystalized appearance.

The Verdict

SUPERGIRL has been a roller coaster for me. I really enjoyed her first appearance in the New 52 but some later issues started making me lose interest. Things are looking up as Supergirl deals with the transformed Simon Tycho seen in the early issues. She also discovers the truth about her final days on Krypton. It almost feels like it's too soon to give her all the answers but at the same time, it's refreshing to see this not dragged out for too long. Sami Basri does a remarkable job as the guest artist. It's always refreshing to see Basri's name on the credits of a comic. The series has been amping up lately and the upcoming crossover sounds promising.