Comic Vine Review


Superboy #16 - Triggers


Superboy teams up with the Justice League to fight H'el.

The Good

I think one of the things that DeFalco has done rather well throughout this story arc is focus on Supergirl's vulnerability. Since her book was first relaunched Supergirl's character has been feeling a great deal of loss -- she has had a rough time trying to get over Krypton. I think DeFalco focus on her character, particular in this issue and is very good. The interaction between H'el in Superman is great in this issue and I think it also serves to develop Kara's character a little bit. This moment shared between Supergirl and H'el is probably the best part of the issue.

The Bad

What is going on with Batman's costume in this issue? I get that he and the Justice League are fighting in the "sub-zero temperatures of the North Pole" but how is a furry cape going to make him any warmer? I guess I only see this cape as being something that would weigh Bruce down while he's trying to fight.

A lot of the dialogue in this issue feels a bit forced and campy, and I don't know how I feel about DeFalco voice for Superboy. I get that the writer is trying to give readers a recap of everything that's happened in the story arc so far, but it just read as a teeny bit forced.

I am not a big fan of the art in this issue, to be honest. The characters looked very plain and the art wasn't at all detailed.

If you're a big fan of Superboy you might be a little bit disappointed in the fact that he doesn't appear much throughout this issue, save for the beginning and the end of the comic. In addition to that, I did not enjoy the way the writer has the characters in his story outline the events as they are happening. Spelling it out for readers takes away from the mystery and the ability for one to deduct for oneself just exactly what is going on.

The Verdict

The art is definitely a little bit jarring. The expressions of some characters are awkward, and the characters look a little bit off. There are also some panels that aren't fleshed out in the sense that they don't provide readers with a lot of detail.

While there are some interesting moments in this issue, and a great one-liner from Batman about keeping Wonder Woman out of a fight, I have to admit that most of the dialogue feels rather silly. Tom DeFalco has proven he isn't a bad writer, and this issue demonstrates that this is certainly not his best work.