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Superboy #10 - Rise of The Hollow Men, Part Three: Time And Tannarak


Superboy's newest villain has his history explained in a text-heavy, but rewarding issue!

So Superboy's been having a little trouble with the mystical threat plaguing Smallville, but we haven't really gotten a good look at what this threat is all about. Thankfully, this issue is on hand to answer the questions that have been burning in our minds.

The Good

I've been really enjoying Jeff Lemire's Superboy because it's taken the series in a bold new direction. This arc has been a little weird, but I'm starting to see where it's headed. In the past, I've complained that the setting has produced a little bit of a fish-out-of-water scenario for Conner, but it's slowly coming full circle.

This is achieved through some great exposition and history the goes way back in history; seeing Tannarak's origins really give off a huge "Rasputin" vibe that manages to be creepy, threatening and deep all at once. I like my villains to have some backstory, and not just pop out of thin air.

I also enjoy how Tannarak has different font for his speech when compared to others. It adds a little bit of flavor.

The Bad

if you're not a fan of a lot of text in your comics, this issue might turn you off. There is a lot of text here, but it's very rewarding to get through. Otherwise, my only other complaint is that there isn't much Superboy in this issue; Conner doesn't appear until the end of the issue, and doesn't do much besides an eye beam and some expository dialogue.

The Verdict

However, this issue has done its job in that it's gotten me excited for the conclusion of the story arc, and has formed a deeper connection with a villain that I otherwise would not have cared about. That takes talent. Props, Mr. Lemire.


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