Comic Vine Review


Spread #1


No. Hope. (And plenty of terror.)

Original posted on June 14th.

The Good

Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm wreak an entirely new form of horror upon us with SPREAD, introducing a thoroughly terrifying infestation that is as scary conceptually as it is on the page. They're playing multiple horror angles here -- aliens, body horror, infections, humanity gone bad -- and it's working.

Strahm's designs for the menacing alien organisms -- coupled with Felipe Sobreiro's decisive palette choices that guide your eyes right to the red -- are chill-inducing. They're intense, and totally evocative of every creepy body-horror thing you can imagine. Intestines, bones, eyes, teeth…and then there's the infectious property. Plus, there are multiple subspecies of the Spread, and they're each horrific in their own way.

And if the Spread itself weren't enough to keep things sprinting forward, the world it occupies is curious and bleak, and begging for more exploration. From what we get to see in Issue #1, it's rife with danger, both predictable and totally surprising.

Thrill factor isn't all SPREAD has to offer -- we're starting to meet some fascinating characters with undoubtedly interesting arcs, and getting a glimpse of how humanity has degenerated in the wake of the infection. With cast members named "No" and "Hope," there's some cerebral stuff going on that I'm sure will play out in the long game.

The Bad

Nightmares. So many nightmares. I can't look at red stuff right now.

The Verdict

SPREAD is not for the faint of heart, but it's a well-crafted thriller with tons of nightmare-inducing potential. It's utterly creepy, but has strong thematic undertones that elevate it and give the series a clear direction. Bonus points: No has a total Wolverine vibe.