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Spider-Island: Cloak & Dagger #2 - Part 2


Cloak and Dagger seem to have stumbled into a devious prophecy set in motion against Mister Negative. Do Tandy and Ty have what it takes to get out of this unscathed? Solid writing and a fun book make for a good tie-in.

The Good

Tandy saying "it always comes at a price!" as her roommate morphs into a huge spider is a great callback to C&D's origins and does her justice as a character. It's great to have some grounding in this Spider Island debate, especially with someone who's been "normal" before her powers.

The caption "Cloak, pre-beatdown" just made me smile; I like when writers have a good sense of humour, and write a little informally.

Really, the dream sequences and the general trippyness of this issue made it a winner; I really like Mister Negative as a villain, and the scenes where he interacted with Tandy in the dream world were great.

The Bad

I don't have many complaints about this issue: the art was solid, the writing was great, and I'm looking forward to what's happening next issue. However, with only one issue left, it's kind of predictable what will happen. Here's hoping the creative team surprises me.

The Verdict

I'm really liking this book because it seems to have a lot of spunk. Things like having the word balloons reversed in a mirror shot really make me feel that the editors aren't paying too close attention to this title, and that leeway is letting the writer shine. Then again, it could be just the opposite: maybe this is what Cloak and Dagger need in order to make them relevant again in the Marvel Universe. Definitely pick these three issues up, as they're unlikely to be collected in trade.