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Spider-Gwen #3 - Most Wanted? Part 3


Gwen tries to continue fighting criminals while Frank Castle is hot on her trail.

The Good

SPIDER-GWEN continues to give us a great alternate take on the characters we know so well. While there may be some similarities to the Spider-Man tales, there are plenty of differences that give this a more unique feeling. The big difference is the fact that Gwen Stacy's dad is alive. Not only is he alive, he even knows her secret identity. There's a great dynamic with George Stacy having discovered his daughter's secret life so soon. To add to the mix, the police have determined Spider-Woman is a threat and police lieutenant Frank Castle is determined to bring her in. It's this kind of drama Jason LaTour gives us that keeps us hooked.

As you might expect, things aren't going too smoothly for Gwen and her superhero lifestyle. She has a lot to consider and her father trying to warn her off due to the dangers isn't helping. But, as with Spider-Man, she feels a deep sense of responsibility (and guilt) to do whatever she can to prevent others from getting injured.

Robbi Rodriguez's art and Rico Renzi's colors gives this book such a special feel. I shudder to think of the day we might see a different art team on an issue. With this version of Gwen being in a different reality, it does have a unique feel. The art and color really convey the emotions the characters are going through. You can feel George's concern and Gwen's confusion. No matter how many times I've looked at Gwen's costume since its debut, I still love every bit of it.

The Bad

There were a couple transitions between pages where it felt like one panel was missing between the action. It's not a huge concern as it allows us to fill in the gap on the action.

Vulture's been alright so far. I'm ready to see someone new pose a problem for Gwen. We do have the Kingpin threat hanging in the background along with Frank Castle (what exactly did he see in this issue?). Maybe I'm just being a little greedy in wanting to see more action for Gwen?

The Verdict

SPIDER-GWEN continues to carve out it's little place in its own comic universe. While there are some similarities to the world and problems young Spider-Man dealt with, there's still plenty to keep everything feeling fresh. Jason LaTour is setting up a great set of problems for Gwen and Robbi Rodriguez's art and Rico Renzi's colors give the book the perfect shine. If you haven't been reading SPIDER-GWEN, you need to fix that to discover why everyone has fallen in love with her.