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Spider-Gwen #1 - Most Wanted? Part 1


Gwen Stacy, as seen in Spider-Verse, gets her own series. It's as good as you hoped it'd be.

Note: Check out our interview with Jason and Robbi HERE from last October if you missed it for more on what you can expect in the series.

The Good

This is a situation where the powers that be really listened to the fans. When Gwen Stacy, as Spider-Woman, appeared in EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2, pretty much everyone agreed they wanted more. With her appearances in the actual Spider-Verse issues and the announcement of this series, the excitement continued to build.

The great thing about this concept is we're getting our beloved Gwen Stacy back, sort of. With her death having so much meaning in Spider-Man's life, having an actual full on resurrection of her character would be unacceptable. Because this Gwen Stacy is from an alternate reality, we can accept and embrace her return. Jason Latour has created a new character, in a way. It is Gwen, but at the same time, we're seeing her for the very first time. That can also be said for her entire world. George Stacy is still alive and we're getting to see different takes on other characters as well (wait until you see one of the other police officers working in George's precinct). This series is taking everything good from books like WHAT IF...? and EXILES but with a stronger direction.

The other amazing thing about this book is the visuals. Robbi Rodriguez's art and Rico Renzi's colors have given the book and characters their own feel. The more you see, the more you want to see. Gwen's costume is one of the best new ones I've seen in a while. It does have a minimalist feel but it just screams out and grabs your attention.

The Bad

There were moments it felt like the book was trying to reach a demographic that I'm not part of. Some of the language felt a little odd to me. But that's totally okay.

Minor concerns: Mary Jane's personality can be a bit harsh. Yes, we're talking about an alternate universe version. Maybe it's so we don't have to decide between Gwen or Mary Jane. Gwen also defaces some public property. Doesn't seem like something someone trying not to be seen as a menace should do.

The Verdict

Spider-Gwen is here and we can all rejoice. Gwen Stacy may be a classic and beloved character but Jason Latour has taken a great character and made her even more fascinating. Robbi Rodriguez's art and Rico Renzi's colors gives this book a fresh and unique feel that just looks so dang good. Even though this book is full of familiar characters, there is a new take given to many of them. It's like we're new characters yet we've somehow seen them before in a dream. This is a series you'll want to read for a long long time. Make sure you pick this book up. You'll be happy you did.