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Skullkickers #11 - Five Funerals & A Bucket of Blood Part Five


The Skullkickers wrap up one heck of a story arc with big things on the horizon! Characters done right with old-school fantasy writing.

The Good

The D&D player inside me loves Skullkickers because of the mix of classic fantasy and two awesome characters; Baldy and Shorty are the perfect comedy duo, and they have the rare ability to be funny without compromising their fighting skills. Too many times have we seen characters that are either too funny to be badass, or too badass to be funny. Somehow, Jim Zubkavich manages to balance these traits with extraordinary skill.

This issue wraps up an arc that's been going for the last five, and I can definitely say it was a great way to end it. Baldy and Shorty seem to have a tendency to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, and I'm happy that there's the sense of foreboding that keeps the reader from getting too comfortable.

Whoever's idea it was to make the sound effect letterings so literal deserves a gold star. Having a character fall with the "IMPACT!" sound effect just adds to the comedy of this issue.

The Bad

Not much! If anything, the arc could've used another issue to tie things up. Things felt a little rushed this issue, but I think it'd better than making things drag on too long.

The Verdict

Coming back to the characterization of the two main heroes, I think it's amazing how a writer can keep readers from hating characters who manage to mix buffoonery with moments of brilliance. I don't want to see a character who's too good at his job(because really, who wants a faultless hero?), nor do I want to see one that happens upon the solution with dumb luck.

Skullkickers is written so well that you can have the heroes vulnerable one minute and capable the next, and that makes for good comics.


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