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Silver Surfer #2 - Everything and All At Once Review


Silver Surfer has to fight for every possible future, and a girl he's never met that is somehow really really important to him.

The Good

Dan Slott is taking us and the Silver Surfer to places no one has seen. With the Impericon and its inhabitants, we're getting to see new beings and a different side to the Marvel Universe.

In the last issue, Silver Surfer was brought forth to fight the Queen of Nevers for the Impericon. To give him more incentive, Dawn Greenwood, an Earthling, was transported to the Impericon and is being held captive, along with other beings, while Silver Surfer goes off to battle. Dawn is supposed to be important to the Surfer but he has no idea who she is. We do get to see more of her in action, as she interacts with the other prisoners. What this does is allows us to get a better feel for who she is and what she might be capable of. It takes a certain type of person, from Earth, to easily accept being abducted and placed in a strange prison with other aliens. Slott has created a character with a lot of spunk and charm. Try as you might, it's pretty much difficult not to like her.

And then we have Mike Allred's art and Laura Allred's colors. I didn't bring it up last issue but I often have problems with the coloring in sci-fi comics. The art and colors by the Allreds simply creates a special kind of vibe. Seeing the different aliens and environments in their style makes me want to see even more. One of the things I really like is the characters don't have the typical superhero physique. Silver Surfer has often been drawn as if he works out all the time but that shouldn't be the case. With this just being the beginning, I cannot wait to see more from this creative team.

The Bad

The pros and cons of the story is how quickly things happen. As we see Silver Surfer in a a couple battles, it's hard to become overly invested as we aren't really familiar with the other players. The story isn't over yet but it would be nice to see more exploration of the Impericon and the Queen of Nevers but it feels like it's quickly coming to a head.

I do like new character Dawn but it does feel as she's acclimated much too quickly to her situation. This is a person that never left her hometown. It could just be that there is something truly special about her but, even in a comic book universe, you would think an Earthling living in an isolated town would freak out a bit at being transported to an outer space prison with other beings. I worry her cute-factor might be too much.

The Verdict

Outer space in the Marvel Universe just got funky. Dan Slott, Mike Allred, and Laura Allred are showing us new sights and the Silver Surfer is fighting beings he's never come across before. It's a fun and exciting adventure as we find out more of what's really going on and as we get to know new character Dawn Greenwood. If the zany characters and action we've seen in these first two issues are any indication of what we can expect in the series, we're all in for a great time.

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Posted By derf_jenkins

I'm gonna keep reading and I think there is a great story starting here.

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

@xwraith said:

@jonny_anonymous said:

I love sci fi and I love the Silver Surfer but I don't think this book is aimed for me, I think this is for younger kids.

From what I remember, Slott got his start doing kids' comics.

Yea that seems right.

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Posted By Xwraith

I love sci fi and I love the Silver Surfer but I don't think this book is aimed for me, I think this is for younger kids.

From what I remember, Slott got his start doing kids' comics.

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

I love sci fi and I love the Silver Surfer but I don't think this book is aimed for me, I think this is for younger kids.

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Posted By Mezmero

I'm enjoying this run so far but it's not blowing my mind or anything. I think the Queen of Nevers is a bit too analogous to someone like the Inbetweener but I also think it's a pretty neat concept. I too was sort of put off by how adaptable Dawn has been. I'm also wondering if she necessarily needs to be a love interest in this. I've always felt that Mantis was the closest to being his true love but that's just me. Now I'm curious what Mantis would look like drawn by the Allreds.

The weirdest thing to me is how the Surfer still identifies himself as Norrin Rad. I was under the impression that that part of him died in the 90's when it was revealed that Zenn-la and Shalla-bal were illusions while the real thing died long ago. Even Alicia Masters commented on how he was completely different from before when he returned to Earth. Despite some of my problems with the start of this series I still think it's a pretty good book.

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Posted By Owie

I'm kind of going back and forth here. On the one hand I like the girl and the story is fun. It's an enjoyable reading experience, although I thought the Queen of Nevers was a little didactic. But on the other hand the Surfer is really out of character from my perspective. It's sort of like reading an alternative universe. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But as a long time Surfer fan it's hard for me to totally connect with.

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Posted By feargalr

This book is so much fun, Slott really killed it with ASM and SS this week.

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Posted By Fenderxx

Really enjoying this book ... and I don't know if its me and I'm crazy, but I felt like the book was reading like a doctor Seuss book, very poetic and almost rhythmic .

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Pretty good issue. 4/5 is a pretty accurate score. And was that Firelord in the "possible future" page? I really hope it was and is foreshadowing an interaction with him. I enjoy seeing former heralds of Galactus.

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Posted By TheImmortalBeaver

I picked up both issues of this today, and absolutely loved them. They aren't without flaws, sure, but they're just so bright and colorful and fun. Not funny, necessarily. Just... fun. I'm pretty sure that this is the first comic book I've read that I'd qualify that way.