Comic Vine Review


Sex Criminals #7 - Break, Enter


SEX CRIMINALS takes another trip to Serious Town, but don't worry, there's a secret dungeon.

The Good

For all its comedic charm, SEX CRIMINALS does serious storytelling well. Following Issue #6's exploration of Jon's mental health and the general health of Jon' and Suzie's relationship, we get some alone time with each of them in a trio of vignettes.

SEX CRIMINALS continues to feel emotionally genuine, even as things spiral into stranger and stranger directions. Sure, Suzie ventures briefly into The Quiet just to prove a point (and draw on her friend's face), but she also shares a so-real-it's-almost-uncomfortable moment with Rachel as their friendship is restored. Likewise, Jon's adolescent exploits reveal a lot about his emotional development and struggles. These aren't real people, but they sure do seem like they could be.

And if things seem like they're too serious? There's a comical fight scene that will turn things right around. Balance.

The Bad

This issue is on the caption-box-heavy side. It makes sense, inasmuch as Jon communicates directly with the reader that way, and 2/3 of the issue is about him, but there are multiple panels that are just caption boxes, and the pages feel more crowded than usual.

The Verdict

It's emotional deep-dive time, as Suzie reveals her secret to an old friend and Jon reflects on his relationship with his ability. Fraction and Zdarsky continue to develop their characters with incredible emotional authenticity, while still telling a story with a delightfully far-out premise. This issue is a little bit slower-paced than usual, but it's a great tee-up for something bolder next month.