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Sex Criminals #3 - My Sexual Errors and Misfortunes, 2001 - Present Review


From awkward college encounters to encounters with the Sex Police. So, progress.

The Good

If you picked up the first two issues of SEX CRIMINALS and thought, "Fascinating, but there's really not enough sex. Or crime." -- issue #3 fixes that. There's a little less conversation, and a lot more action, of both the bedroom and bank-robbing varieties.

We've gotten enough backstory about Suzie and Jon, and the series is starting to delve into the bank robbery that opened the first issue. It's still a mystery where things are headed -- especially with the emergence of the Sex Police -- but it's an interesting ride.

Perhaps the greatest strength of SEX CRIMINALS is its honesty -- there's a confessional tone throughout, as Suzie and Jon share not only their sexual histories, but also their criminal plans. They're characters drawn in panels, but their all-day text conversation feels like it could be on our phones, and their sly smiles are Honest, too, is the tone taken by Fraction and Zdarsky as they insert themselves into the story, via caption boxes laid over speech balloons. Just as the readers have gotten a glimpse at Suzie' and Jon's secret worlds, they also get to peek at some friendly banter with the creators, making the comic feel just a hint less like a one-way medium. Engaging? You bet.

The Bad

There are a few abrupt cuts here and there -- like the shift from Jon's story to Suzie's fourth-wall-break that doesn't immediately register. It's not a deal breaker, but it prompts a quick re-read of a panel or two.

The Verdict

SEX CRIMINALS is one of the least predictable -- and most entertaining -- series in print right now. Compellingly human characters keep the series grounded, while kinky and absurd adventures drive the plot forward. The title alone sparks conversations about the book, but it's the antics of Suzie and Jon (and the hilarious references and jokes sprinkled throughout) that keeps them going.