Comic Vine Review


Sex Criminals #2 - Cumworld


Last issue we found out about Suzie's story. Now it's time to journey back to see Jon's discovery of his...ability. Plus more on the crazy development from the first issue.

Keep in mind, this is not a comic for kids. Duh.

The Good

Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky continue to show there is more to this series than two people 'doing it' and stopping time.

The issue begins with Jon and Suzie discovering there may be more to their powers than they realized. While in the state where time stops, they discover there's more going on. This part takes a pause as we go back to find out what Jon's story is and how he discovered what he could do. As you can imagine, it won't be quite the same as Suzie's experience.

With the series intended to be a sex comedy, Fraction has plenty of places to come up with humorous situations. Seeing Jon's adolescence is a great flipside to what Suzie went through. Zdarsky's art beautifully captures those precious moments without feeling crude or obscene - even when taking place in a porn shop.

The Bad

We might only be two issues in but it's a little difficult to tell where this series is going. It's a fun trip so far but with the telling of the main characters origins along with the mysterious other players involved, it almost feels like the bank-robbing capers will be cut short before they even really begin.

The Verdict

Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky continue they naughty but funny series. Far from being crude, this issue of SEX CRIMINALS tells the coming of age story of our male lead (the first issue dealt with Suzie's story). There are plenty of humorous moments but also a bigger story lurking behind the shadows. This is not a comic for everyone. It is an entertaining one that is showing some promise for more than just being two people 'doing it.' You'll definitely want to come on board to see where this is going to go.