Comic Vine Review


Severed #4 - Part Four: Stealing Home


The story continues with young Jack Garron and his mission to find his dead. Problem is the extremely creepy child-eating psychopath is looking to find his next meal. Snyder, Tuft and Futaki are on a roll.

The innocent and chilling story of a twelve-year-old out on his own in search of his father continues. Set in the early 20th Century, little does the main character realize, he's dealing with a killer.

The Good

"This is something different." We've heard that many times and when it comes to comics, there are a lot of books out there these days that can say that. With the combination of the writing and art, this is something worth checking out. We all know comic books aren't just about superheroes. It's refreshing to find a well-crafted comic that takes on a different genre.

The story is set in the early 20th Century. It was a different time and the threats in society have a different feel. The main character, twelve-year-old Jack Garron, left the safety of his home to go in search of his father. He befriended a homeless girl, Sam, posing as a boy. From the beginning, we've seen a deadly salesman, a child-eating psychopath, who now wants to add Jack to his menu.

Snyder and Tuft give us a calm tale with deadly undertones that are ready to jump out at the main characters. You'll turn each page in suspense as you can feel the chill as the story creeps into dark territories. The great thing about a creator-owned title is anything goes. No one is safe. It's a nice change of pace reading a book and not knowing if the protagonist will come out on top at the end.

The art by Attila Futaki is something to see. The tone of the time period is captured perfectly and the colors are muted just enough to add to the vibe. When things start to get dark in the story, you can almost feel the temperature drop just by looking at the art.

The Bad

We're about half way through the series (seven issues total). It's hard to say if I'm just being impatient for the big action to happen or if the story could be spend up just a tad. This isn't to say nothing happens here. The salesman does strike again. As mentioned, no one is safe. With Jack and the Salesman finally meeting and three more issues to go, it's hard to imagine what will happen next.

The Verdict

Horror comics rarely deliver what they promise. Severed isn't a traditional horror comic as we are experiencing more of a horror-mood. Snyder and Tuft, along with Futaki on art, are crafting a world in which some of the scarier things are those hiding underneath the surface. This is definitely a comic that doesn't have to rely on an established franchise in order to capture your interest. The main character has entered dangerous territory and because it's a creator owned title, no one is safe. You don't know what to expect. The suspense builds up on each page and you almost hesitate to turn to the next page. It's a great read but now that we're half way, it's hard to say where the story will go from here. It almost feels like it could drag on for a couple more issues but it's more likely we're going to get some big surprises.