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Secret Six #36 - Caution to the Wind, Part Two of Two: Blood Honor


As the team's story comes to an end, Gail Simone wraps up the volume with one of the best issues of the year.

It's an end of an era: Gail Simone's Secret Six has come to its last issue. However, will the team go out with a bang, or succumb to near-impossible odds?

The Good

There is so much good about this issue that I had a hard time listing it concisely.

The culmination of a number of amazing storylines just left me with a great sense of satisfaction. There have been things that have been bubbling not only in this volume, but for the entire existence of the team. From longtime rivals finally admitting friendship to seeing multiple love stories getting the closest thing to a happy ending that they can, this issue was one of the best of the year.

What surprised me most was that none of the members wavered in the face of tremendous adversity. When face with insurmountable odds, the team looked at each other, said, "Hell, we've been in worse" and took a valiant last stand. The respect for the characters was shown here, and that earns major points from me.

The Bad

If anything there seemed to be a little wavering over the "should we surrender or shouldn't we?" issue; there were a couple members of the Six that didn't quite sell me that they were committd to where the rest of the team was going. However, in the end, they bet against the house - just like they always do.

The Verdict

I'm giving this issue a rare five-star review because I think it deserves every bit of it. As a long-time reader, I can appreciate where this title has come from (in Villains United) to where it ends, here. This issue wrapped up everything about the series in one package without sacrificing tone, character or plot; it brings everything full circle, and leaves me with a sense of closure that we don't often get in comics.

I can definitely say that I'm satisfied with the Six' end, and don't particularly look forward to a "Getting The Band Back Together" tour any time soon. For now, we should bask in the afterglow of a great series, and look on to what the future has in store.


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