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Scarlet Witch #1 - About the Death of Many Cats


Scarlet Witch is back and trying to fix witchcraft.

In this new series from James Robinson, Vanesa Del Rey, and Jordie Bellaire, Scarlet Witch is back and on a mission to fix witchcraft, which is broken.

Scarlet Witch has been through a lot in her career as a hero and as a villain as well. There's very few characters that have gone through so many transitions as Scarlet Witch. What makes that even more interesting is that she's not a headline character, but she's easily interesting enough to hold her own book. Unfortunately, this issue hits a few snags in the road, right off the bat. The first half is naturally a lot of set-up for the book and reads like it's really new reader friendly, giving people that pick it up a look into Wanda's mind. However, it's a bit dry. It's a double-edged sword as the information is relevant and necessary but just isn't incredibly entertaining.

The final parts of this issue is where I'd really love to see this book go. This is all about Wanda taking charge and we get to see a little magic happen here as she performs an exorcism. The action is a lot of fun and it has a great pace to it. The only downside is that I wish there was a bit more excitement in this book, just like this scene.

The artwork on the book is hit or miss, mainly a hit though. There are a few times where Del Rey's art becomes a bit muddied and a tad hard to read. However, Del Rey's art gives this book a soul and a distinctive look, which is very important to a new series featuring a character who has never really done too well on her own. Bellaire's colors really give this book a haunting feel which is perfect for the story and the character.

SCARLET WITCH #1 is a decent start that shows a lot of potential. The story seems like it could be great and while this book will have rotating artists, Del Rey does some great work here. The problem with this first issue is that it's dry and a tad dull. It will play fine to readers who are new to the character, but overall, I'm more excited about where this book is headed.