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Savage Wolverine #12 - Come Conquer The Beasts Part One: Claws & Teeth


Wolverine discovers something truly terrible during a visit to Africa. Can he prevent it from happening again?

The Good

Even though it's called SAVAGE WOLVERINE, Logan's the least brutal dude in the book's latest story. Instead of focusing on how Wolverine's the best at what he does, co-writers Phil Jiminez and Scott Lope bring the X-Man to Africa for a relaxing getaway. It's no secret nature is where the man feels at home and the two toss us right into Howlett's head. The result's a far more humanizing read which swiftly takes a very emotional turn. The overall narrative is rooted in the character's history and keeps throwing familiar faces our way but, as of right now, it's very direct and truly revolves around James and attempts to shine a light on his more caring side.

This book has recently hit us with art from Joe Mad and Jock, so Phil Jiminez's takeover feels like a return to a more "standard" look. Nothing here blows you away, but there's a more than adequate attention to detail and a few close-ups really do a remarkable job selling the more emotionally compelling instances. I have some minor gripes with some of the panel choices and coloring with the outlines, but overall, it's definitely a serviceable look.

The Bad

This first chapter is basically story building, so there's a pretty big info-dump when it comes to the group Logan's hunting down. Instead of doing the work himself and showing off how skilled he is at tracking, he pulls a Spock (see Star Trek Into Darkness) and makes a call to simply get all of the answers he needs. It spawns some witty remarks and it's certainly a practical option, but seeing him do the work himself would have been much more satisfying and it feels like cameos are there just for the sake of temporarily giving them some kind of role. I get the group is very efficient at what they do, but the man's able to hunt down someone based on scent alone across the Big Apple, after all.

The cliffhanger hits us with a twist, but honestly, I don't see many people being blindsided by it. It may not shock you, but it at least ends on a note which teases more action. And speaking of action, you won't find much of it here. Despite totally lashing out, all Logan does is toss one dude and we don't see him go non-lethal on another group. Here's hoping they turn up the action in the next one.

The Verdict

Wolverine's new adventure isn't as thrilling as the one with Elektra or as visually stunning as Jock's, but it's attempting a more heartfelt approach to the book. It's always great to see a more humanizing take on James and the motivation here is certainly a great one, but despite that, it hasn't done too much to reel us in a good deal. However, there's enough established here to make me curious about how the next chapter will play out.