Comic Vine Review


Savage Wolverine #10


Wolverine and the mysterious kid wander the alien planet in a search for answers.

The Good

Wow, talk about an immersive first page. Jock's rough and sketchier style is so engrossing and it's on display in full force in this issue. Even though there isn't an onomatopoeia on the splash page, you can practically hear the wind pressing against the two and the sound of the cape flapping. It's a really cinematic way to reel us in and there's at least three other standout visuals to be found in this chapter. The strength of Lee Loughridge's colors vary from scene to scene, always complimenting the tone Jock creates in each specific scenario. There's a moment or two where the coloring overshadows Jock's illustrations, but given the situation, it makes sense and doesn't really detract from the imagery.

There isn't much of Wolverine doing what he does best here, but Jock and Loughridge sure know how to make the X-Man look amazingly badass and put him in some pretty cool moments. There's a couple images in here which totally justify the book's title and then some. It's a shame we don't get to see all of the details when Logan pops the claws, but regardless, it's still pretty jaw-dropping thanks to the art.

This story is going for a slow burn. Like, real slow. There's only one chapter left and we don't really know anything else. Jock does indeed drop a hint or two our way, but there's no way for us to actually put together the pieces until the next issue because we just don't have nearly enough information. Thankfully, that's somewhat countered with some decent characterization from Wolverine and a very entertaining course of events.

The Bad

The plot barely moves forward here, and seeing as there's only one issue remaining, that leaves me concerned the final chapter will just be crammed with one reveal after another and plenty of exposition to finally tell us what's really going on. Because there isn't much plot development, this also comes off as a really quick read.

Jock's art is so good that when we see the aftermath of Wolverine fighting guards, it makes me wish we actually saw the whole ordeal. Watching each strike as bullets fly past (or even into) him would have been superb and felt like a missed opportunity.

The Verdict

The narrative isn't doing much to impress at the moment, but ultimately, Jock's artwork is what makes this issue shine and is so good that it easily warrants a bump to 4-stars. The weight of answering all of our questions is on the next issue's shoulders, so here's hoping it's delivered at a good pace instead of just dumping all of the details at once. Also, it wouldn't really be SAVAGE WOLVERINE without some kick-ass Wolverine action, so let's hope it delivers more on that end, too!