Comic Vine Review


The Sandman: Overture #2 - Chapter Two


The story continues. Be prepared for an incredible trip of pure storytelling.

The Good

After five months, SANDMAN OVERTURE is back. It's obvious that SANDMAN fans have been eagerly waiting for this issue.

Neil Gaiman writes a thing of beauty. This is a comic you have to absolutely read. It's a trippy ride but you'll immediately get pulled into the story and feel like you're with old friends once again.

Seeing Dream trying to get to the bottom of the current...situation is fascinating. It feels like it's been so long since we've been able to see him in action. Yeah, it has been but this is a case where you really feel the time that has passed. Dream's presence here commands respect on each page and it's a glorious sight.

Speaking of sights, man oh man, you have to see J.H. Williams III's art here. Each page has such an epic feel to it. Dave Stewart's colors will blow you away. The look of this comic will amaze you and make you wonder why we can't have more comics like this.

The Bad

Obviously the delay is a bit of a problem. These things happen and we still ended up with an amazing comic. It just does interrupt the momentum of the story. But I did give the first issue another read through right before reading this.

If you haven't been reading SANDMAN, this may not be the best place to start.

The Verdict

We've had to wait a bit since the last issue but once you start reading, you just might find yourself willing to overlook the wait. It's hard to say what's more beautiful here between Neil Gaiman's writing, J.H. Williams III's art, and Dave Stewart's colors. It all goes together so wonderfully. It's been hard waiting but this is definitely a comic worth waiting for. We should all be happy a comic like this can be made.