Comic Vine Review


Samurai Jack #7 - Samurai Jacqueline and the Scotswoman


Samurai Jack and the Scotsman have been turned into... ladies! Can they lift the leprechauns' curse by defeating Cuhullin the Cruel?

The Good

As someone who has yet to watch the animated show (I know, I know... shame on me), I obviously won't get the same sense of joy as others do when a reoccurring character like the Scotsman pops in. In spite of that, I'm still having a total blast with this series and this latest issue is no exception. You don't NEED to be a fan of the show to appreciate this run. That should seriously tell you something about the quality of this book.

One of my minor complaints about the former issues was the somewhat repetitive formula. Jack would venture to a new location, get into a fight, and then walk away with a brand new thread of time. There's an issue or two that shifted away from the repetitive formula a little bit, but the last one is the first to end on a cliffhanger and open the doors to a two-part story. It's well-earned, too. A plot like this would have felt way too rushed if it was crammed into the pages of just one chapter. I mean, you'll still see the twist coming a mile away, but it's a hugely entertaining journey that's packed with cheerworthy moments. On top of the pleasant tone, writer Jim Zubkavich tosses a few laugh out loud bits in there as well. The chemistry between these two leads works incredibly well. While Jack is noble and wants to do what's right, the same can't really be said for the Scotsmanwoman. I'd absolutely love to see this character make another appearance or two down the road.

Artist Brittney Williams and colorist Josh Burcham do a wonderful job bringing Zub's entertaining story to life. The handling of the weather gag is downright hysterical, and everything about the issue has a delightful sense of energy to it. Plus, when the action finally hits, it feels fast and impactful yet never actually violent. It's perfect for the series' tone and just as charming as the script.

The Bad

Considering this story was given two issues to unfold, a little more closure in the end would have been appreciated. It's cute seeing the good guys get revenge and the leprechauns get what's certainly coming to them, but ending on them getting beat up doesn't feel like it solves anything other than their own sense of revenge. Finding a way to end on a note which forces them to promise they won't use their magic for evil again or something along those lines would seem a bit more fitting for the book's good-natured tone. And, as said above, the big twist likely won't surprise many; however, that's a minor gripe considering just how fun the ride is.

The Verdict

There's a consistently good-hearted atmosphere, a charismatic cast of characters, and legitimately fun (and funny) developments in SAMURAI JACK #7. I recommend giving this series a chance if you simply want to smile and have a nice dose of fun. That said, you will feel a bit lost if you jump on with this issue. So if you're going to dive in, be sure to pick up the last chapter, too. If I'm enjoying this series this much, I can only imagine how much die-hard fans of the show are digging it.