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Rocketeer Adventures #2 - It Ain't The Fall That Kills Ya...; Betty Saves the Day; Rocketeer Pin-Up; TKO


This issue will remind you of why you started reading comics in the first place

IDW has brought some of the most incredible creators working in comics together to tell three incredible short stories in one astounding issue.

The Good

Sometimes it's difficult to put into words the reasons why a comic book is so good--so it's safe to say that Rocketeer Adventures #2 has left me almost entirely speechless. What happens when you allow creators like Mark Waid and Darwyn Cooke the ability to tell their very own Rocketeer story? You get magic. You get so much magic oozing off the pages; magic that reminds you of why you started reading comic books in the first place.

The issue is split into four parts, three short stories and one incredible pin-up by Geof Darrow which is in itself is worth the 3.99 price tag. While I admit that my favorite story of the three is Darwyn Cooke's, it's definitely a tough call. This issue is just down right amazing. If you're unfamiliar with the Rocketeer and you're unsure of whether or not you should purchase this issue, put those sentiments to the side. This issue is perfect for new readers, and the language will take you back to the Golden Age (even though the Rocketeer was first published long afterward, in the 1980's).

The art is breathtaking and the writing is amazing. You will re-read this comic and wish there was more.

The Bad

Nothing to say here, truly one of the best comics I've read in a while.

The Verdict

This is the type of comic you can hand to anyone and say "read this, you'll like it," and if they have a heart, they probably will. I highly recommend this issue to any comic reader, newbie and veteran alike. There is nothing bad about it. Brilliantly executed book that will leave you wanting more.