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Rocketeer Adventures 2 #4 - War Hero ; Cliff Second, Warlord of Blargon ; Fair Game


The latest issue features three very different stories centered around the Rocketeer.

The Good

The fourth issue of ROCKETEER ADVENTURES 2 by IDW features three short stories, each one by a different creative team. Although I haven't enjoyed each and every short Rocketeer story we've seen in this series, I have for the most part enjoyed the series collectively. I think none of the things that makes this issue so worth the $3.99 price tag is the fact that it is gives the reader three perspectives on the character; which isn't something we often see in comics. The first story is titled "War Hero," by Louise Simonson and Walter Simonson. Although it's a little campy (the guest appearance of former U.S. President Roosevelt attributes to that), it's a fun story; even if the Rocketeer did come off as a little bit whiny. I did, however, really like seeing Betty here as the voice of reason; I thought that was a lot of fun.

The second story is completely different from the first. It recounts what happens when the Rocketeer is struck by lightning and is then transported to a different galaxy, or dimension. I love the art in this story; it reminds me a lot of Darwyn Cooke's style, which really captures the era in which the story takes place. I like this story a little bit better than the first. I have to say, I absolutely love this second story -- it is absolutely hilarious. The Rocketeer's interactions and the dialogue between him and the alien race is incredibly entertaining.

I really liked the art in the third story, but I have to say I wasn't so crazy about the story itself. I do think it was a fun, cute short story, but out of the three, the second was definitely my favorite.

The Bad

There were some parts in the first and third story that seemed a little bit slow to get going, but that's generally expected. Overall the differences in pacing are what was most jarring about this issue; yet, knowing that the the issue is split into three parts does make that fact easier.

The Verdict

Like I said, I really have enjoyed this series overall, and I feel like it's been a great read in general. It's great for both long-time fans of the Rocketeer, and people just getting to know the character for the first time. It's also a great value -- you get three self-contained short stories in one issue, and it isn't often that we get that much content for the price.