Comic Vine Review


Red She-Hulk #59 - Hell Hath No Fury, Part Two


An action packed issue that will keep you on the edge of your seat in suspense!

The Good

This issue opens up with a bang, and the momentum is consistent throughout. If you are looking for an action-filled comic with a ton of battle scenes, you need to pick up this comic. I think the important thing to note is that these fights aren't happening for no reason; there's an explanation for why the hardest hitting Avengers are after Betty Ross and why she's fighting back in the first place. Not only is there a reason for the countless battle scenes in this issue, but it's a great reason. Parker is creating a really interesting story and delivered a superb issue full of suspense, excitement and adventure. It's a great example of how awesome a Hulk comic can be.

We get a great look at Betty Ross's ideologies in this issue, as well as an explanation for just how much control she has over her own powers. I think one of the first scenes really explains that her morals are still intact, and that's important to note. She's got some control over her abilities -- some -- and she does feel remorse for her actions, at least right now. Her path of destruction isn't lost on her and I think that's a big reason why she doesn't go red and stay red the entire issue.

The art is just beautiful. I love the way that Carlo Pagulayan and Wellinton Alves depict Betty in action. She's still beautiful, but she is super fierce. I think it's important to note that she's been illustrated in a way where she looks strong and menacing, but still drawn to look beautiful. It's interesting the way they walked the line between strength and beauty really eloquently. I also loved the attention to detail in the way the character would move during a fight, as well as her expressions and the expressions of the other heroes.

This issue is really well written, well illustrated good old-fashioned fight between heroes with clashing perspectives on the differences between right and wrong. The banter between Machine Man and Red She-Hulk is great. I enjoyed the way Parker used Machine Man to describe what was going on -- essentially using his character to narrate the scenes. It felt a lot like a thriller in that way, and it was interesting to see these two characters interact. Additionally, there's some fantastic dialogue between Red She-Hulk and members of the Avengers -- Iron Man in particular.

The Bad

I think Betty's interaction with Eleanor is pretty important to the overall arc -- it essentially explains why she is acting the way she is and I think that for a new reader, this scene was somewhat unclear. We don't get a very good idea as to why she is doing what she's doing and the relationship between her actions and Eleanor. I think Parker should have explained that further considering there are people that might be starting this series because it's been renamed and it's only the second issue in a four-issue arc.

The Verdict

This is a pretty good place to start reading this series if you haven't been keeping up. If you want to read some Red She-Hulk this is a good introduction because you get a lot of action (which you should expect from a Hulk book), but you also get a taste of who Betty Ross is and what she stands for. What lengths will she go to for what she believes? All of this is addressed here and I think that's important to recognize. It's a great example of how a fun action comic can also have some depth. The art is superb and the appearances of some of the Avengers doesn't hurt, either. I am definitely looking forward to the next issue.