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Red Robin #26 - What Goes Around


The final issue in the popular series and a must read for any Tim Drake fan

The latest and final issue of Red Robin before DC's big revamp hit stores today, and it is a must read for any Tim Drake fan. Spoilers below.

The Good

When you write a series, you have to consider where you want to take a character -- particularly if the character has evolved from one role to another, like Tim Drake went from being Robin to becoming Red Robin. He has evolved, he has matured, so where is he now? At the end of the line, after 26 issues, who is Tim Drake now? Writer Fabian Nicieza captures elements of who Drake is here in the final issue of Red Robin, and not only is it great, but it's a fantastic look at how his mind works. Not only does Nicieza have you at the edge of your seat and hanging on every panel, but there is a legitimate reason for the suspense. Nicieza reveals characteristics of Tim Drake through both his actions and through the things he fails to do. This issue not only captures Tim Drake the crime fighter, but more importantly, Tim Drake the detective. Given the opportunity, would Tim set up Captain Boomerang and kill the man who killed his father?

I couldn't go through with it,...I couldn't let someone else kill him

Without giving much away, I want to point out how much weight this one sentence carries. This implies that Tim might very well kill Boomerang if given the chance. It implies that he himself wants to revel in the ability to take the life of the man who killed his father.

Marcus To is fantastic in this book, and the panels are absolutely gorgeous. The pacing is fantastic, and you can tell Nicieza plotted the book very carefully.

The Bad

Nothing. This is a brilliant Tim Drake story.

The Verdict

You will come away from this book a bit shocked, and I suggest you analyze Drake's actions here and weigh them against Batman's (Bruce) character. We know how they are similar, but in what ways are they the same? Does Drake show tremendous courage in this book, or fear? A fantastic end to a series, and a beautiful issue that leaves an open window for us to ask "what's next?" for Tim.