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Red Lanterns #2 - Pure Rage


Now that Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns have purpose, it is time to bring vengeance to those who deserve it.

Now that the Red Lanterns have purpose, there is the question looming over everyone's heads: Who will they help?

The Good

This issue seems to set up what this whole series is going to be about: Red Lanterns helping people all across the galaxy... by puking blood on said people's enemies, which in turn lights them on fire, killing them instantly. You know what you're getting from this comic and it delivers it in this issue: Revenge. It's a nice, single-shot story that leads the way.

Last couple of pages are a pretty cool reveal, which will, when it actually happens, change the whole dynamic of the Red Lantern Corps. I don't want to give too much away, but it looks like we're definitely going to see another Red Lantern rise in the ranks soon.

Not mentioning how great Ed Benes art is in this issue would be ridiculous. His panel-to-panel art is fantastic, but where Benes REALLY shines is in the splash pages. Benes only has one splash page in this issue of Atrocitus, but it's the best art I've seen today. It's vibrant, detailed, and poster-on-your-wall worthy.

The Bad

Serious lack of Dex-Starr. I need my puking kitty fix.

The Verdict

The Red Lanterns finally seem to be coming a bit more into their own. There's a definite separation from the other Corps, and they have a sense of purpose. It's a great one-shot story that ultimately will set the tone for the rest of the series. The "reveal" at the end will completely change the dynamic of the Corps and give it a bit more personality. Ed Benes art on this issue is fantastic, especially when he does splash pages. My only complaint was that there was no Dex-Starr in this issue. I'm still a little leery with how this book will do in the long run, but for now, I've really enjoyed both issues. I recommend this issue.

Since I plan on reading the first three issues of the new 52, I plan on giving my rating for the 1st and 2nd issues, just to see if the book is either holding up or getting better than the first.

Red Lanterns #1 - 4

Red Lanterns #2 - 4