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Red Hood and the Outlaws #3 - Cherish is the Word I Use--to Destroy You!


Red Hood, Starfire and Roy Harper embark on a crazy journey in order to discover what happened last issue. Along the way, we discover some secrets about what makes them tick.

The trio is ready for action and they're finally starting to feel like an actual team. Plus, we get some insight into them that really establishes who they all are in 'The New 52.'

The Good

There's been something about this book from the beginning. Part of it has been Scott Lobdell's writing with the unexpected twists and turns with the plot and characters. Kenneth Rocafort's art (with colors by Blond) also makes this an incredible visual experience. And then there's the characters.

Jason Todd has gone through many changes since he was first introduced. First seen as a Robin with an attitude, he was soon killed and resurrected as an anti-hero. In this comic, you can see there's still something left of his original self. There's more to him than just the reborn killing looking for revenge. It's his quiet nature that makes you wonder what's going on in his mind. Joining with Starfire and Roy almost doesn't make sense but little by little, we're seeing why this is a perfect match up. That's what this issue does.

In the first couple issues, there was never really a clear reason why these three would be hanging out. They weren't necessarily friends. There might've been some bit of convenience but it was hard to see them as an actual team. Until this issue.

Lobdell gives us a grand and trippy adventure, accented by Rocaforts beautiful art and Blond's colors. The key to this issue is the character development. That might sound weird considering how the three have been portrayed in the last couple issues but in order for them to go on their journey, their most cherished memories are held as the price of admission. Clearly I won't reveal what they are but we get to finally see who these characters are in 'The New 52.' And for those complaining about Starfire, we do get to discover a little more that might explain certain past events.

The Bad

We are getting to see why these three need each other but it can still be a little hard to believe when they aren't fully aware of it. Usually heroes risk their lives to save others but here, they're risking their lives to help Jason out, who never asked for their help.

The issue was extremely fun but the series has a sort of disconnect feel to the rest of the DCU. There is mention of Q-Core with Roy but partly because we are still in the dark of everyone's actual histories now, it's hard to imagine where they're all coming from. Is this the same Roy and Starfire that were in the Teen Titans? Is this the same Jason Todd that wanted to be Batman during Battle for the Cowl? It shouldn't matter in terms of moving forward but for me, it's a tiny distraction.

While we see the trio's most cherished memories, I have to say the second we see left me scratching my head a little. I get what the significance could be but was a little surprised if that was this particular character's most cherished memory.

The Verdict

I debated over my rating. But I believe each issue and title has to be looked at separately. This was an enjoyable issue. Scott Lobdell delivers a big and fun adventure with lots of action and throws in plenty of witty moments that will make you grin. Kenneth Rocafort's art makes everything look good, even creatures with long green tongues ("Untongue me, creature!"). The art is almost too good as it'd be hard to imagine these characters appearing in other titles drawn by someone else. That and their new direction makes it hard to place where they came from before and what of their pre-New 52 histories are still intact. We do discover some bits of their past though. We get some insight that finally begins to let us know who Jason, Roy and Kori are. Behavior from previous issues is starting to make sense as everything is starting to unfold. I'm really starting to care about these characters and combination of art, humor and adventure simply made this a blast to read. That's what I want from a comic. I want to be able to enjoy it and have fun.