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Red Hood and the Outlaws #17 - Don't Let the Door Hit You on Your Way Out


'Death of the Family' may have ended but it doesn't mean the story is over...

The Good

As with NIGHTWING, we're getting some follow up over the events from Death of the Family. As I mentioned in my NIGHTWING review, it's great to take the time and see these sort of events. Jason went through some major things and we know he and Roy and Kori have grown close throughout this series. Seeing their reunion was crucial.

The aftermath continues as Jason has Roy and Kori brought to Wayne Manor (at least I think it was Wayne Manor, it looked a little different). It turns out there are others there. This means we get to see some other interactions. What does Jason have to say to Damian? What about Nightwing? Will there be any acknowledgement about Dick and Kori's past? Will Bruce get to say anything to Jason? There's a lot to see here.

With some of these interactions, we get to see some growth between the characters. There are some things that shouldn't be ignored or overlooked. Thankfully Scott Lobdell doesn't cut corners with the opportunities here.

This may sound like a light-hearted issue after all the events in recent issues but that isn't quite the case. It should be noted that this issue will end with a bang. You won't want to miss it.

The Bad

It is great seeing Jason, Dick and Damian back at the Mansion and Batcave. It just seems a little strange given the emphasis placed on the wedge in BATMAN #17. It is noted but you have to wonder how long they 'stayed away.' Them being together drives the events in this issue but it just felt strange.

The art had some inconsistencies. That's not to say it was bad. The problem was having three different artists. There were some moments when the differences were really noticeable and became a little distracting.

The Verdict

There's more fallout and follow up in this aftermath issue of Death of the Family. It's great seeing some follow up from the big crossover. Even though BATMAN #17 ended with the Family being separate, you have to overlook that in order to see the interactions presented. This was the opportunity to see details on some of the relationships that weren't able to be seen before the story took place. While the interactions were fun, the art was a little mixed given three different artists which resulted in some noticeable inconsistencies. This may close the chapter on Death of the Family but paves the way for a new direction for the series. Do not skip to the last page.