Comic Vine Review


Rebels #1 - "A Well Regulated Militia" Part 1 of 6


America's fight for freedom begins here.

The Good

We live in a wonderful time when we can get comic books like this. There are so many great comics on sale these days but I don't think I ever read one dealing with the American Revolution. Brian Wood is known for diving into the time period the story requires. From the very first pages, you get an immediate sense of the atmosphere for the characters involved. You'll feel yourself transported to the time period and quickly become intrigued by the characters' plight against the oppression they're under. There's plenty of character development while also letting us know what the situation for all is like.

Andrea Mutti's art and Jordie Bellaire's corlors are pretty fantastic. When it comes to period comics, the art and colors play a big role. While the story may be completely captivating, the visuals can easily pull readers out of the story. Mutti's style depicts the characters perfectly. I may not be an expert on the time period but everything from the clothing to the guns looks spot on. Bellaire's colors make everything shine without making it feel too "comic book-y."

The Bad

This issue is pretty much a set up issue with a bit of exposition. It's to be expected and important for the series to progress. Setting things up isn't necessarily a bad thing and there is plenty of action but you can't help but want more.

The Verdict

Who says comics can't be educational and entertaining? Brian Wood is diving into America's fight for independence in 1775. In a comic book landscape full of superhero books, it's great to get something with a completely different feel. Wood's historical fiction makes you want to find out even more about the time period. With art by Andrea Mutti and colors by Jordie Bellaire, everything looks fantastic. This first issue sets up the characters and time period. If you're a history buff or interested in the time period, check out this series to get a taste of what things were like. This is just the beginning of a fascinating comic book journey through historic events.