Comic Vine Review


Quantum and Woody #8


Quantum and Woody have found themselves in a dangerous situation. Sure they have superpowers to help deal with it but with Woody involved, that might not be enough.

The Good

James Asmus is really making this a special book. It's not often you can find a book that manages to find the balance between superpowers and comedy. With the powers and situations Quantum and Woody fall into, this could easily be a completely serious book but that's (thankfully) not what it's about.

Asmus not only places our heroes in odd situations, he continues to make Woody a humorous character without making him come across as absurd. You'll sometimes find yourself cringing over how wrong things can get but that's part of what makes this such a fun read.

When Quantum discovered his boss knew about his powers, he thought it'd be a great opportunity to go on bigger assignments but, of course, things didn't work out quite the way he thought they would. The group he was sent to investigate offered more dangers and the fact that Quantum might have to rely on Woody to save him…well, it's a scary and crazy thought.

Ming Doyle's art combined with Jordie Bellaire's colors captures Asmus' crazy story nicely. The colors really shine while there are so many little subtle moments Doyle conveys on each page.

The Bad

The direction of this arc wavered a tiny bit but with all the laughs, there isn't much to complain about. The set up at the beginning felt a little weird and happened abruptly but there were plenty of moments we laughed along the way.

I'm still haunted by the fact that I have no idea what "You're a real bag of cats' asses" could mean.

The Verdict

Is it a spoiler if I say Quantum and Woody have survived another story arc? Defining the meaning of the phrase, "world's worst superhero team," James Asmus continues the mis-adventures of these two heroes. Whether it's the situations they find themselves in, the dialogue, or Woody's actions, there's so much craziness in each issue. Ming Doyle's art and Jordie Bellaire's colors really wrap up the entire package nicely making this a fun book to read with great art and colors to make it a visual basket of joy. I know I just finished reading the issue but I'm ready for the next issue already. Bring me more!