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Quantum and Woody #0 - [Goat]


Who is the goat? We don't mean the "greatest of all time."

The Good

We may as well start with one of the coolest moments of the book. By far, the greatest editor's note of ALL time appears in this issue. During a scene in which the people around Goat are all speaking in Spanish, with no translation, editor Alejandro Arbona writes this: "Dear reader -- Consider learning a second language. Bilingualism is its own adventure!" This is where you give a slow, 80s style applause, and give him a deep bow for the greatest editorial note of all time. Can the review end here? This is reason enough for all of you to buy it, right?

This really is a typical issue of QUANTUM & WOODY, with James Asmus presenting an almost too ridiculous story, surrounded in humor and quips that will delight any reader who doesn't have a blackened heart from years of being a contrarian.

So how is the origin of the Goat? It's pretty awesome and most of it involves his epic adventure, across the lands, in order to find his true love: Dolly, the cloned sheep. It's utterly absurd and just as awesome as it sounds. The issue is non-stop fun. If you want to have a good laugh while reading a comic and have a dumb smile on your face, you should be reading this. If you want to be sad, watch some Morrissey videos or something.

Amazing ending revealing who the Goat is. Seriously... awesome stuff.

While the book is a lot of fun to read, it's also a lot of fun to look at thanks to the art of Tom Fowler and the colors of Allen Passalaqua and Matt Milla. The art and colors are fun and vibrant and fit so well with Asmus' writing, like a giant fluffy puzzle of happiness.

The Bad

While this may be a #0 issue, it's frankly a terrible place to start for new readers. Obviously, folks are going to want to check out the rest of the series, which is incredibly worth it.

The middle of the book hits a pretty big lull. Most of the issue is a really fun adventure, which is an utter delight to read, but there's a few pages, right before the ending that are just dull and feel a bit out of place and almost pointless.

The Verdict

There are a few small problems with this book, but overall, this #0 issue is a huge success. Fans finally get to learn the origin of The Goat, which is a bit of a shocker, and we get to know what he was up to prior to meeting Quantum & Woody. The book continues to be incredibly funny and will probably get a loud chuckle or two out of the reader. The only real problem is that new fans can't really jump on here because you need to be invested in the rest of the series to know who these characters are. Overall, I highly recommend this issue.