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Prometheus: Fire and Stone #3 - Chapter Three


Captain Angela Foster’s mission has resulted in the team being savagely attacked by xenomorphs. Now, they just want to make it off LV-223 alive.

The Good

PROMETHEUS: FIRE AND STONE #3 is all about the buildup. Usually that means the issue feels like the calm before the storm, but in this case, it's sweet, sweet buildup that's full of tension and twists. Writer Paul Tobin packed a good amount of fan service into this issue as he races the limited series towards its conclusion and I'm really anxious to see how he'll follow-up on these events. While there's still some horror elements, this chapter does an especially great job making us wonder what'll happen next while also fleshing out the characters just a bit. An Engineer finally makes a more noteworthy appearance; it's a dialogue-free bit that'll have you questioning what's going on and why. And, more importantly, how this may interact with the remaining humans, if at all. I admit I've never felt particularly connected to this cast, but Tobin really puts their defining traits front and center in this one and he successfully made me care about the situation they were facing. You can appreciate the intensity of the dilemma, understand -- but not agree with -- a more cowardly action, and feel the horror as everything takes a more twisted and frightening turn.

The pages by artist Juan Ferreyra (and colorist assistance from Eduardo Ferreyra) deliver all of the horror goodness you'd expect from this series. The reveal of Elden's new condition is awesomely creepy and I continue to really appreciate how Ferreyra handles the xenomorphs and LV-223's new environment. You'd think the lush scenery would take away from the horror elements but, thanks to some gifted artwork, it doesn't ruin the tone at all and you can still feel all of the tension and fear these characters must be experiencing. There's some pretty cool establishing shots that take us from scene to scene, but the panel they choose to end with really allows the development to sink in. You go from humans that are full of concern and scared expressions to that? Good stuff and the heavy focus on red really adds to the moment.

The Bad

All of my critiques are pretty minor. For example, it's a bit odd the "monkey" randomly lashed out when they seemingly posed no threat before, but we can chalk that up to, "Well, that is a wild animal." There's another bit where a xenomorph's tail appears to be way too long (the first one we encounter) and there's some panels where the art doesn't feel quite as polished as the others, but again, all relatively minor points which are mostly countered by the gripping narrative and mostly strong visuals.

The Verdict

PROMETHEUS: FIRE AND STONE #3 is the limited series' penultimate issue and it does one hell of a good job boosting my interest in the finale. There's such a good blend of character, horror, legitimate intrigue and excellent visuals in this one. It may not be as action-packed as some would hope, but it's loaded with tension as it makes some pretty big developments and leaves us with a pretty frightening final panel. Overall, I've been enjoying the Fire and Stone chapters a good deal, but I really loved this one. I'm looking froward to the final chapter and I hope Tobin has enough room to wrap up all of these arcs while also giving nods to the other Fire and Stone titles.