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Pilot Season: Theory of Everything #1 - Pilot Season: Theory of Everything


Suspense meets science fiction in this all-new Pilot Season book from Top Cow.

The Good

The first issue of this Pilot Season title from Top Cow opens explaining the "theory of everything" to the reader, outlining it as the "holy grail" of science. A relic which has for centuries left some of the greatest minds in science on a quest to find it. What would happen if string theory and this "mythic term" were interchangeable? What if they were one and the same? That's where our story opens, and the reader will immediately identify that this story will be dealing with a lot of science fiction elements. This story deals with a very interesting idea, that reality as we know it is nothing but a group of mirrors, mirroring other universes. What if you could trave through these universes and manipulate space and time? Crazy stuff!

The story opens with this idea that it is possible for a group of people to do exactly that; manipulate space and time and travel through it. What they do with that ability, however, may not necessarily be a positive thing.

The story centers around genius scientist Charles Witten whose once promising career took a turn for the worse following his late wife's death. Now, the government wants to know more about his theories on; you guessed it; the "theory of everything."

The Bad

There's really nothing bad about this issue; in fact, it stands out from any of the other titles in the market right now, and that's fantastic.

The Verdict

Everything about this story is solid. The pencils, the light inks and washed out colors compliment the story perfectly. Here you have everything you could want in a good story: adventure, excitement, action and a story that will keep you at the edge of your seat; guaranteed to leave you with more questions than when you first started reading. The main character, Charles Witten, is easy to identify with because he's a man who was once great that has recently fallen from grace. That failure to exceed everyone's expectations makes for an interesting story. Reading the story feels a lot like watching a science fiction suspense film. Incredibly entertaining and one of the most unique concepts I have seen for a comic book in a long time.