Comic Vine Review


Original Sin #6 - Open your Eye


What secrets does Nick Fury hold?

The Good

ORIGINAL SIN #6 does a fine job at keeping the reader invested in the overall story, even when the book is slow paced and doesn't move forward very much. It features Marvel's top characters and the idea of everyone having a terrible secret is enough to get folks coming back for seconds and thirds.

The focus of this issue is on Nick Fury, who walks the thin line of sanity. He has a mission that he needs to accomplish and he's going to do it with or without the help of some of Earth's mightiest heroes. What writer Jason Aaron does extremely well is capture this new and older version of Nick Fury through his dialogue. He's sympathetic and compelling, up to a point, and while this issue is dialogue heavy, it's all written very well. More revelations develop with Fury that will have readers moving forward to the next issue, regardless of how the overall issue plays out.

The art in this issue is wonderful. Mike Deodato, along with Frank Martin on colors, has some interesting page set-ups and panel layouts that give this book and identity just as much as the writing does. He takes artistic liberties with how panels are placed and flow on the page without sacrificing the storytelling. Whether it's an action sequence or people standing around talking, the art here looks fantastic as a whole, especially the colors.

The Bad

When it comes to moving the story along, this issue does so at a snail's pace. The last issue gave the reader every little tid-bit of knowledge when it comes to what Nick Fury has been up to, but all-in-all, ORIGINAL SIN #6 leaves more questions than answers by the time the reader finishes the issue.

So much of the first few pages of this issue are recap. Characters spend more time retelling the events of ORIGINAL SIN than actually moving the story forward. Those who have been reading the series since the beginning will get an innate sense of deja vu through the first half of the book. This issue doesn't pick up until about halfway through, and even then, the book leaves more questions than answers. ORIGINAL SIN is an event that can frustrate the reader because it strings them along. I have a feeling that the last issue is going to dump all the answers right on the reader.

The Verdict

ORIGINAL SIN #6 isn't a bad read at all, and overall, the event has been pretty good. However, this past issue felt like 16 pages of recap and 4 pages of progression. So much of this issue relies heavily on characters telling each other what they already know, the story thus far of ORIGINAL SIN, and while it's all done very well, it's incredibly frustrating to not have this book more forward, especially after last issue's story which revealed a ton of stuff about Nick Fury. Keep reading this event though. It really is a ton of fun and this "ok" issue is not a reflection of the entire event.