Comic Vine Review


Original Sin #5 - The Secret History of Colonel Nicholas J. Fury


Answers are revealed. But not necessarily the ones you were asking.

The Good

Have you recovered from the last two issues of this series? There have been some crazy twists and revelations but there is still the big unanswered question over who killed the Watcher. As some of the pieces are falling into place such as who has been working behind the scenes in arranging the different (and odd) groupings of heroes to work together, the investigation takes a little detour as more bombshells are dropped upon us.

By now you may be aware the title of this issue is "The Secret History of Colonel Nicholas J. Fury." Nick Fury has always been full of secrets. Now it's time to find out everything we didn't know there was to know. Yes, Nick is indeed a man of mystery. It turns out there is much much more to his past. He's done things pretty much no one was aware of. This causes the overall story to take a little break because there is so much to find out. The information is important to the overall story as we see how the pieces all fit together. Jason Aaron really lays it all out for us.

Seeing the different scenes and flashback is pretty cool, courtesy of Mike Deodato and Frank Martin. Some of the scenes really have a nice slick look to them, especially in some of the action parts. When things are blowing up all over the place, the effects almost jump off the page.

The Bad

What we find out is a lot to take in. It does add to Nick's character but despite being part of some of the recent events, it still gives a feeling of interruption in the story. It may be partly for our benefit but it simply felt as if, out of nowhere, Nick decides to tell his life story. You have to wonder exactly why he comes clean, after all this time, and why to this group of characters?

I'm still digging the art but a couple times the inking felt a little thick and the colors a little too glossy.

The Verdict

This issue of ORIGINAL SIN takes a tiny break from the main action. As we discover the true past of a certain character, we get to sit back and enjoy the tale. The information does tie into the overall story but it feels a little disruptive in slowing things down. It is something long time readers and fans of the character won't want to miss. Mike Deodato's art and Frank Martin's colors shine with some minor distractions. What all these revelations mean to the bigger picture and the Marvel Universe remains to be seen. You just might find yourself having to stop and let it all sink in. I can't wait to see what Jason Aaron has in store for us next.