Comic Vine Review


The Omega Men #3 - The Sentimentalist Fallacy


Princess Kalista meets the Omega Men and it's not a friendly encounter.

As a new series, OMEGA MEN can be a bit tough to get into because it feels so different from everything else at DC comics. For the most part, the core of this team is made up of a quite a few new characters, and the returning characters can be pretty unfamiliar to the average DC reader. However, that's the only thing that holds this book back at all: the fact there's a chance some people won't give the book a chance. Aside from that, it's pure brilliance.

OMEGA MEN raises the bar for telling a mainstream comic book story. Tom King, Barnaby Bagenda, and Romulo Fajardo Jr present something so different that feels so familiar. OMEGA MEN has a distinct, cinematic style that hangs on beats, creating a much more fluid story and piece, rather than just trying to get the comic to the next piece of action. Splash pages are used not only as reveals but as establishing shots. I just love the way that the book moves and how the 9 panel page layouts are used. Here, we get two pages of 9 panels (18 in total) of Kalista fighting Tigorr. Each movement gets it's own panel and it works sensationally well.

Storywise, I really like what the book is doing with Kyle Rayner, who everyone thinks is dead. He's a hostage and as the issue goes on, he's being majorly played as well. More than anything else, I want to see how this all plays out and what his future is, since we're seeing Kyle as vulnerable. Emotionally, he's stable, but he has no power and is locked away. The final pages of the issue change the dynamic of what we think are the Omega Men.

OMEGA MEN is wonderful. It's a breath of fresh air and tells a story in a comic book in a completely different way. The creative team is doing something very special on this book with the look and the feel of each issue and while the series can be a little tough to get into, because there's so much unfamiliarity to it, this is a series everyone needs to check out.